The One of Fire

written by Lily Lemondrop

A 15-year-old boy named Leo at Hogwarts has been studying normally, but then he finds out he can control fire. Read on to find out what happens when he can't control his powers!

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Chapter 1#

Chapter 1

          Leo could not sleep. When he finally did, though, he had a dream. He was in a pit of fire! It didn't hurt him, though he thought it might. Out of the fire came a little baby dragon. "Meep." The dragon said. "H-hello. I'm Leo." Leo said. "I think I'll call you Blaze." Then a huge gust of wind swept up the fire, and Leo woke up. There was fire everywhere! Leo quickly put it all out.  "Could I have done that?" Leo thought. When he got up for school, he made sure to pack two water bottle just in case. "Bye mom!" Leo called. He hopped on his broom and made sure to fly high when he flew. When he got to HERB-101 he felt his heart almost burning. He winced. When he went to the school healer, fire sproted up beside him! "How do I fix this fire problem?" He thought. He put out the fire and turned back to go to class. "Why is this happening?" Liam thought again.

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