My Newest Oc!

written by Lily Lemondrop

My Newest (And first!) Oc!

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Luna Rosebell

Chapter 1

Name: Luna Rosebell

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color:  Moon Silver with a little sparkle in each eye.

Favorite Color: Shining Silver

Spirit Animal: Black Panther

Magic Mark: Black Panther

House: Hufflepuff

Backstory: Once there was a witch named Jasmina Sparkleflower. She marryed a Muggle called James Rosebell, and they had a daughter named Luna. But after Luna was born, when she was 5 months old, one of Jasmina's old classmates, Kathy, wanted to get revenge on Jasmina for marrying a Muggle. She tried to take Luna from he cradle when James and Jasmina were asleep, but a black panther appeared and defended Luna. When Kathy ran away, Luna's mom and dad woke up, and saw the panther disapear and a mark of a black panther appear on Luna's arm. When Luna was older, she picked up a pencil with her mind and made items disapear when she touched them. Then, her parents told her about her history and Luna was inrolled in hogwarts. The sorting hat shouted, "Hufflepuff!" And she was put there. When Luna needs help, the black panther appears and helps her. She ended up calling the panther Night.

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