Morgana Pendragon

I’m writing this book with Natalie Slytherin my BFF!!! Based off of the show The Adventures of Merlin. I’d suggest you watch the shows they are decent. Morgana is a beautiful young girl who lives with king Uther pendragon and his son Arthur. Mordred is a young boy when he and his father arrive in Camelot but Camelot banned druids and magical people from Camelot a long time ago.

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Chapter 1

Morgana was quickly walking down the castle corridor too her chamber when the alarms went off all around Camelot. She saw Arthur and his nights running but just before she lost sight of Arthur he turned and said "you must go to your chamber you will be safer there" Morgana nodded and walked away. 
not seemed like hours before the servant boy Merlin came storming into her chamber with a poor little boy. "Merlin! What on earth are you doing? don't you know how to knock?" Morgana said angrily "my lady this boy is in trouble, everyone's looking for him and Arthur already has his father who will be h-hanged" Merlin said. Morgana took pity on the boy he looked about 13 not very old, he had dark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. Suddenly there was a  banging on the door, Morgana quickly pulled merlin and the boy behind her changing curtain and walked to the door. The banging happened again but louder and a voice with it "My Lady we must search your chamber for the missing boy" Morgana quickly walked to the door, opened it and said "do you really think that I wouldn't know if someone came barging into my room at this hour at night?" The guard looked at her "My lady I'm sorry but by orders of Prince Arthur we must search your room" Morgana smiled " well I have nothing to hide from you, but please tell me what will happen to the person responsible for taking care of the boy?" The guard gave orders for the other guards to search then just as Morgana was about to repeat her question he answered "by orders of the King himself no matter who it is even if it is his own son the punishment will be the same" Crashing came from all over the room so far they hadn't found Merlin or the boy at least not yet "what is the punishment?" The guard sighed "The punishment for keeping the boy safe is Death". 

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