Class Notes For Year One

written by Charlie

This will be a comprehensive book filled with all the notes you need for your first year. The courses will alternate in the chapters, as I am doing all the courses at once. I will update every time I finish a lesson.

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Astronomy: Lesson #1-Intoduction

Chapter 1


Astronomy- The study of the universe

Astrology- The study of how happening in space affect the people on Earth

Observational astronomy- Focuses on finding things in space

Theroetical astronomy- Focuses on using technology and astronomical concepts in order to answer questions

Applied astronomy- How the affairs in space affect magic in earth


Outline for Year 1:

Lesson 1- Intoduction

Lesson 2- Muggle-made Tools for Astronomy

Lesson 3- Tools for Wizards and Veiwing Tips

Lesson 4- Introduction to the A.M.E. Quotient 

Lesson 5- A.M.E. in Depth

Lesson 6- How to Find the A.M.E. Componets 

Lesson 7- The Sun and the Planets in Our Solar System

Lesson 8- Other Celestial Bodies in the Solar System

Lesson 9- Big Names in Astronomy


The field of astronomy is studied by both Muggles and wizards alike. Each version of study has its own setbacks and advantages. The magical approach is magic, leaving us to have access to a whole other world. For instance, astrology is used commonly in the Wizarding World, however Muggles do not belive in it. The Muggle side has the advantage of technology, which magic interferes with. This leads them to be very good with observational and theroetical astronomy. Magical astronomers are good at applied astronomy.

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