Lily and the twins

written by Oliwia Melody

This book unlike my others, is a story book. Its about a girl called Lily and a set of twin kittens. It will be really nice to show you my book: Lily and the twins!

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Fly high little hammy!

Chapter 10

Days went on and on and Lily spent less and less time with Iza. She was getting old but that didn't stop her from being cute! Iza was getting less and less active and the girls mum and Lily thought it was because of the kittens. One Thursday night, after the church, Lily's mum came back with sad news. She whispered 'Lily, Iza fell asleep.' At first Lily didn't get what her mum was saying but then she noticed. 'Iza, died?' Tears were building up but she wanted to stop herself from breaking down. 'Yes, she fell asleep. Normally she would be running in her wheel when I'm working but that didn't happen for a couple of days so I checked but, she just, was laying in her coconut bed. It looked like she was sleeping but she wasn't. I nudged her but she didn't wake up.' Her mum mumbled. Lily couldn't stop herself from crying. Her mum hugged her and she hugged her back. That happened when Lily's grandfather was at there house so, when her brother and sister weren't there as her brother was at karate, they buried the dead hamster. Lily's mum said that they should do it without her brother because he might try to unearth Iza so they buried her in the garden.

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