Lily and the twins

written by Oliwia Melody

This book unlike my others, is a story book. Its about a girl called Lily and a set of twin kittens. It will be really nice to show you my book: Lily and the twins!

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Why just her?

Chapter 2

It was the summer holidays and Lily was at camping with her family. Every summer holidays she would go camping with her amazing family. She had to come home for one day though because she had a summer ballet class. She also had gymnastycs every single Monday so she had to ride in the car for just over 1 hour 5 times in 2 weeks. Once when she had to come camping, twice because there's two Mondays in two weeks, once because of ballet and once when coming back home. She loved camping as where they went there was always something for you. There was a playground nearby, a tiny farm with different animals, another playground nearby and a beach so there was something for everyone. Lily loves ballet and gymnastycs but she loved camping too so she just didn't get why she had to ride 5 times. She also had a pet hamster called Issabela but they sometimes called her Iza. The girl also had some fish that she must feed twice a day. Lots of people ask her what she rathers, dogs or cats and she always said cats as she was kind of scared of dogs. When Lily came back from camping, her mum told her something amazing. Her friend Lena was getting a kitten! She couldn't believe her ears. She asked her mum 'Are you sure?' Her mum nodded her head so Lily couldn't stop herself from asking 'When can we go to there house then?' Her mum said that they can go tomorrow so Lily couldn't stop her exitement. The next day Lily went to ask her mum,'When are we going?' 'We are going in an hour.' The tall lady replied. When they arrived, Lena, a small girl with short, blonde hair ran to Lily and hugged her. 'Come on! Don't you want to see her?' The girl replied to Lily's exited look. The two girls ran upstairs and Lily saw the cutest thing she has ever seen. She approached and stroked the kittens soft fur. She was stripy with light grey, grey and white stripes with a white belly and green eyes. 'Omg look at you! Your so cute!' Lily whispered to the small animal and with a blink of an eye, it ran away. 'Wha-' But Lily already knew what. Lena's small brother and Lily's brother were stomping upstairs. An hour passed and Lily and her brother Louie went home. She waved Lena a goodbye and jumped into the car. 'Can we get a kitten to mum?' Lily asked pleasingly. 'Her mum looked at her in disbelieve and said 'No! What are you thinking young lady?' Lily replied looking resentful 'Why just her?'

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