Lily and the twins

written by Oliwia Melody

This book unlike my others, is a story book. Its about a girl called Lily and a set of twin kittens. It will be really nice to show you my book: Lily and the twins!

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Study, study, study!

Chapter 3

For the next two days, Lily didn't talk much due to her mum jut saying no without thinking. She was heartbroken as she literally loved kittens. The girl was sitting in her room when her mom came in slowly. 'Lily, are you OK?' Her mum asked her quiet daughter. Lily shrugged looking at the floor. 'You did notice that if we got a kitten, they would eat Iza don't you?' Her mum said warningly. 'But Lena also has a hamster!' Lily shouted. It was true, she also had a hamster. Well two, but, one died. She had a hamster called Daisy but then a hamster called peanut. Daisy was a syrian but peanut, a dwarf hamster so she's much smaller than Daisy which means easier to eat. Her mum thought for a moment. 'First you have to show me that you can care for a cat properly.' The little girl looked stunned. She could actually get a cat? She loved siamese cats, they were her favourite as they just looked so royal! For the next week, Lily cleaned the whole house which made her mum, dad and brother stop in their tracks. Her baby sister didn't know what was happening so she didn't though. Lily was tired out after cleaning until 11 pm so she immediately fell asleep. She dreamed of having 50 kittens, maybe even more and over 60 cats. When she woke up, she checked the floor but there was nothing there. 'The whole house is clean now,' she thought 'so now should I just study, study ,study?

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