Lily and the twins

written by Oliwia Melody

This book unlike my others, is a story book. Its about a girl called Lily and a set of twin kittens. It will be really nice to show you my book: Lily and the twins!

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A big suprise

Chapter 5

Lily went downstairs to find her mum sitting down thinking hard. She went to her offfice where she found her mums computer open on a website called gumtree where you can buy things that others don't want. Even pets! What Lily saw was amazing. A picture of four kittens with there mother and father. 2 of them were black and two looked like Lena's kitten called Tosia. The father was black and mother stripy which shown us the kittens were hybrids. Lily stared. She sat on her mums office chair and started reading the bio. She read in her head '4 kittens for sale. 9 weeks old. 2 black boys, 1 stripy boy and 1 stripy girl. Parents not for sale.' Lily ran out of the office towords the stairs but stopped looking at a box which looked kind of like a litter box for cats. On it there was a sticker which said 'Litter box for cats.' Her mum stood up and walked towords her daughter. 'Lily, we are going to a playground. It's quite nice there, my friend says it is.' Her brother didn't want to go so Lily, her mum and her sister drove away. 'When will we be there.' The girl asked 15 minutes later. 'In about 45 minutes.' Mum replied. The girl stared at her mum as if she has gone mad. 5 minutes later, Lily noticed a box with a blanket on top. She took the blnket of and under it it wasn't just a normal box, but a travel cage! Lily said 'Mom..' 'Yes honey?' Her mum replied. 'What is this?' 'I can't look behind I'm driving sorry.' The ladie said in a nervous voice. Lily looked behind her back. She looked shocked! What she saw was some bowls, cat food, cat toys and a cat scratcher. 'Mom! We are getting a cat then!' 

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