Lily and the twins

written by Oliwia Melody

This book unlike my others, is a story book. Its about a girl called Lily and a set of twin kittens. It will be really nice to show you my book: Lily and the twins!

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Chapter 7

Putting them in a travel cage was just very tricky. Mum took the boy while Lily took the girl, or maybe mum took JJ while Lily took Sadie! JJ was nice and calm but Sadie wasn't going to let this happen. The mum ran after us meowig and when we finally put the two cats inside the travel cage, they started meowing constantly. When mum opened the door to go outside, the cat still followed us meowing. 'Mia! Come here!' But the cat just wouldn't stop. Lily put the kittens into the car and Mia gave up. She ran to her house sadly looking at the floor when finished. When they came back, my room was clean so Lily decided to, like the lady lock them up in one room at that very moment. Sadie was sleeping but JJ wasn't. She took some cardboard and put it in the corridor to her room so they couldn't run away. The small girl opened the travel cage but JJ didn't get out yet. While they were catching there bravery, Lily got everything ready, water, food, litterbox, beds, toys and cat scratcher. When it wasn't so loud anymore JJ came out of he travel cage and looked around. The girl took one of the mice toys and threw it and he ran after it immediatly. Then Sadie woke up but she wasn't as brave yet. Lily let them explore for the rest of the day.

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