Harmony love story

written by Oliwia Melody

This is the Harmony love story of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. I won't say to much as you should read the book to find out all the rest.

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Your a wizard Harry

Chapter 2

Harry Potter was laying on the floor at 11:53pm. It was his birthday tomorrow but he knew that his uncle, aunt and cousin wouldn't celebrate at all. That night, they had run away from their house because of lots of letters too him himself but his uncle never let him open one single letter he got. They moved to a small, wooden house in the middle of the sea as Harry's uncle Vernon said no one would find them there. The boy was to sleep on the floor but he wasn't going to go to sleep, especially that tomorrow was his birthday. The floor was dirty with lots of dry dirt. Harry was drawing with his finger on the dusty, dirt floor. He drew a birthday cake with a wish; Happy Birthday Harry! After that, the boy tried to think of a wish and when he did, he looked at his cousins watch. 'It's one minute till midnight.' Harry thought and looked at the watch impatiently. When it struck midnight, the watch started dinging so Harry quickly turned it off and blew his cake away. Suddenly, the doors fell and a giant man ducked down to walk through the door. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia ran down the stairs and Dudley, his cousin woke up instantly. Harry stood up and hid behind the sofa Dudley slept on. 'Sorry, I can fix that.' The man mumbled and picked the doors up to fix them and put them in place. Then, he looked at Dudley. 'It's been a long time since I've seen you Harry and you did grow up! Especially in the belly.' The man mumbled again in a deep, happy voice. 'Bu-but I'm not Harry!' Dudley shouted. 'I'm Harry.' Harry whispered standing up and revealing himself from behind the couch. 'Ah of course you are! Now,  I've got a little present for you! I mighta sat on it once but it's probably still good!' Taking out a box and handing it to Harry. Inside was a cake which read 'Happy 11th birthday!' 'Made it myself! Now,' He took out an umbrella and pointed it at the fireplace. Immediately, a fire burst out and Harry stared. Was that, magic? 'Now Harry, I've got your letter here for you!' And again, he handed something to Harry but this time, it was a letter! Harry started opening it and then he read some very suprising news. Harry read out loud, 'Dear Mr H.Potter, we wanted to inform you that you are invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry! What does this mean?' 'Well Harry, I don't know if you would know but, your a wizard Harry.' The man said still in his big, deep voice. 

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