Harmony love story

written by Oliwia Melody

This is the Harmony love story of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. I won't say to much as you should read the book to find out all the rest.

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I can't believe it!

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, Hermione Granger couldn't fall asleep. She rolled and turned trying to get into a comfortable position but she couldn't so, quietly, she tiptoed downstairs. Then she saw a letter. She picked it up and read who it was addresed to. Too her suprise, it was adressed to her! Hermione didn't have any siblings she could wake up to trust and tell them what has happened so she climbed onto her bed turning her small lamp on. Then, she started to rip open the letter and read what seemed to be the impossible. 'Dear Miss H.J. Granger, we wanted to inform you that your invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry.' Hermione read through the letter a couple of times and then ran downstairs impatiently. Banging into her parents room and slamming the door behind her she said 'Mum! Dad! I got a letter! It says I can attend a witch and wizard school!' Being half asleep, the parents just looked at their very enthusiastic daughter. 'Oh come on mom! Come on dad!' The girl started shaking her parents. 'A magic school? But how is that possible?' Hermione's father asked. 'I don't know but literally! Look!' The girl handed the letter to her tired dad. Her dad read through it four times before deciding to hand it over to his wife. Now fully awake, the parents told the small girl that they can go of to a place called Diagon Alley in a week. 'Omg I can't wait! I literally can't believe it!' Hermione whispered.

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