Harmony love story

written by Oliwia Melody

This is the Harmony love story of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. I won't say to much as you should read the book to find out all the rest.

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Trainstation meet

Chapter 4

Harry was walking down a trainstation with the giant man who turned out to be called Rubeus Hagrid. They just left diagon alley in which they bought all of Harry's school suplise. Books, a wand, potion ingridients and more were all bought and now owned by Harry Potter. Hagrid looked at his watch and said 'Oh no! Harry, I'm sorry but I'll have to leave you here! I have a meeting and I don't wanna be late! Ermmm, here's your train ticket!' And he handed Harry a ticket. The boy looked at it. 'But Hagrid! There must be a mistake! It says 9 3/4! That doesn't exist! Doesn't it not?' Harry mumbled to thin air as when he looked up, Hagrid wasn't there. Harry looked everywhere. He asked everyone but some called him a weirdo and some just ordered him to go away. Then he noticed a lady talking to about five different ginger-haired teenagers. 'Oh muggles! Come on all of you!' The lady said. 'Muggles?' Harry thought and walked towords them. After a pair of twins who Harry thought names were Fred and George and a tall boy called Percy went through the wall, Harry went up to the lady and asked if she knew anything. To his suprise, she said to walk through the wall so he did and there he saw a train. 'Omg.' Harry thought and went into the train. 

While that was happening, Hermione Granger and her parents were pacing along the trainstation trying to find 9 3/4. Suddenly, they noticed something very weird. A lady with a ginger girl beside her just walked through the wall? A man was just about to do the same but Hermione's dad stopped him. 'Excuse me sir, uhmmm, do you know where, ummm' but the father stopped not knowing what to say. 'Do you know where platform 9 3/4 is?' Hermione finished his sentance. 'Oh! Are you muggles? And you young lady are probably going Hogwarts aren't you? Well, I can tell you but don't get freaked out! You have to walk through this wall! Muggles aren't really supposed to know about magic you know?' The tall man said and did excactly what he just said. Hermione ran towords the wall and to her suprise, noticed a train. 'I can't believe it.' She thought.

30 minutes later, Harry found the lady's son again. He was called Ron. Ron kept on questioning him about his scar and if he remembered anything but Harry only knew what Hagrid told him. 'A man called Vol-.' But Ron never let him say what the real name is so Harry just said 'you know who killed my parents and wanted to kill me as well but didn't get to so that left a scar on my head.' Then a girl came in. She had beautiful light brown hair and shining brown eyes as well as she was already in her robes. Harry looked into this cute girls eyes and she looked into his. Then the girl breaking the eye contact said 'Has anyone seen a toad? Neville lost his.' Ron shook his head. Then the girl came in and continued. 'My name is Hermione Granger and whats yours?'  'Ron Weasley.' Ron said. 'Oh and your probably Harry Potter! Anyways,' Hermione said taking her wand out and pointing it at him. She then said the words, 'Oclus Repairo' and Harry's eye vision was so much better. 'Bye!' Hermione said walking out of the room. Harry looked at the place where she dissapered.

They just left diagon alley where they bought all the stuff Harry needs for school. 

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