Delphi Locked-in

written by Louisa S R W

Delphi's prison time so far.

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Laws of Delphi

Chapter 1

Well... I think everyone knows that "Delphini Diggory" or Delphini Lestrange-Riddle was sent to Azkaban for crimes of time & kidnapp. If you haven't already read it you can read my book "Delphini Diggory" at 'Delphini Diggory' - Hogwarts Library | HiH ( and 'Visiting Azkaban' - Hogwarts Library | HiH (

It has been a tough time for us not only with dealing with all of this but the repercutions of how people treat me and my family because they know she is related to us. 

However, with a certain... influence on my part I have managed to get her out of Azkaban (level 10) and is now in the cells of the Ministry of Magic. This way, I can keep an eye on her and try and get her any help that she needs. My experience with Azkaban is that people come out worse than they went in and I don't want her to end up like her mother. This means that she is now a level 9.

It also meant that she can have an allocated visitor (me) AND a counseller (more of a probation officer really). 

Anyway.... It has taken me quite a long time BUT I have now managed to get her help. She is not yet a level 8 but I made it so that Charlie Weasley (practically a father to her) can also visit but only 1 at a time so we are taking it in turns. The best thing is that she will get a therapist !!! 

I think there is so much pain within her that someone else needs to deal with. Childhood, Family... all the usual things that come with that. I asked Scorpius and Albus what they wanted me to ask her and the only question I couldn't answer was "Why us?"



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