The past should be behind you.

written by Maddie Huxley

You started hogwarts and recognise a few people a certain things along the way. Your past and family is something your not proud of but a secret can be secret for only so long...

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Chapter 1

In the beginning.


The smell of freshly painted walls hit me like these so called puking pastiell's I've heard of.

My heart was racing,and all the questions running through my head.

Will anyone like me? What if im put in the wrong house? But mainly, What if they find out..

I heard in the distance Dumbledoor giving his early morning announcments and the chattering of the students.

I slowly walked up the concreate stairs towards the great hall trying to put it off but I just had to get it over and done with.

As i was towered over by the great halls doors and noticed the caretaker outside standing there.

I walked up to him and his small cat beside him, "Hello excuse me"

"We have been waiting for you" He interupted.

"I'll let him know your here."

He opened the small door which was attached the huge doors and i saw him doing this weird run up to dumbledoor,it was hard not to laugh.

Dumbledoor nodded and signalled for me to enter, I walked through the door whilst Dumbledoor was informing everyone what was going on I only heard the students, everyone was whispering and staring at me.

I saw in the background this older lady grabbing the sorting hat. Dumbledoor stepped down as i was walking towards him.

"Welcome to hogwarts, y/n."

"Thank you very much for having me" i replied.

He nodded slowly and guided me towards the so called sorting hat I've heard of.

"Hello Miss y/n I've heard plenty of you, I'm Professor McGonagall."

"Great. Nice to meet you."

She guided me to a small stool, i sat down and she placed this old hat on my head.

"Ah another one i see.."

At this point my heart is pounding and overthinking about what might happen if anyone found out.

"dont worry" Whispered the hat.

"I think we both know where you've got to go" He exclaimed.

All the students eyebrows furrowed in confusion and even a few of the teachers, they obviously havent been warned yet.

"SLYTHERIN" The hat shouted.

A sigh of relief would be a understatment, the whole slytherin table stood up and cheered and clapped.

In the corner of my eye i heard a gryfindoor say and I quote "Not a single person hasn't turned bad who went to slytherin"

I slowly turned my head facing them and saw it coming from this short and angry redhead, and i moved my eyes slightly and saw the one and only... Harry potter.

As i stared at him he held his scar out of pain, I smirked and walked towards the slytherin table.


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