The past should be behind you.

written by Maddie Huxley

You started hogwarts and recognise a few people a certain things along the way. Your past and family is something your not proud of but a secret can be secret for only so long...

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Chapter 2

Never trust a slytherin they say.


I walked back down the few steps and felt as confident as ever, i noticed a spare seat on the end of the table and asked this obviously over-confident young lady, she had light skin with her short dark brown hair middle parted,

"Hey would it be alright if i joined you guys?" As i said this all of them darted their eyes towards me.

The girl gave me a small smile then noticed all of them staring,

"Yes of course, Ignore these rude human beings" she stared at them all back.

"Thank you" i smiled.

"Enjoy your breakfast and then be off to your classes" Dumbledoor announced.

The girl turned to me and introduced me to everybody.

"Im Pansy Parkinson" then pointed to a darker skinned boy with short cut hair,

"That is Blaise Zabini" she said.

"Okay and why do you need to say my full name?" he looked up and stared at Pansy.

She just rolled her eyes at him and then turned to face me and giggled.

"Anyways this is-" she was interupted.

"Draco, Draco Malfoy" He said whilst continuing his breakfast with not a care in the world.

But i felt like I've seen him somewhere before but I had no clue where from.

"What is it with people interupting me today" Pansy scoffed.

I just giggled and went along with it and taking everything in. The lit candles, hundreds of them hanging from the ceiling which had a little bit of magic on it making it look like the sky from inside, the castle had this dark and gloomy feeling and the old brick walls and some even with vines on them but still also feeling at home, for some...

"Oh sorry almost forgot, Im y/n"

"and your surname miss y/n?" Blaise questioned.

"Im just y/n,thats it" said with a smile hoping they don't get curious.

He nodded and then continued to read the daily proffet.

"So what classes have you got today then?" Pansy asked.

"I know I've got potions first but that's about it" I giggled.

"Perfect thats what we have got too, we can walk you there." She replied.

I smiled and had a few bits to eat.


Breakfast was over, Everyone got up from their seats so you did the same.

The four of us walked towards potions and were already 10 minutes late.

We were all laughing whilst running through the classroom door.

The Proffesor quickly turned his head to see what was going on.

"There you all are, was beginning to think you weren't coming" Said the Proffesor.

"Trust me if I didn't I wouldn't of" Draco said under his breath.

Pansy just rolled her eyes at him and walked to the back of the classroom whilst a demonstration was going on, We all followed her like lost sheep looking to see what to do.

"I'll say it again since we have got some more students, I am Professor Slughorn and I hope you all have your books if not there are some in the cupboard behind me but only 2 left."

Us four all looked at eachother and bolted towards the cupboard.

Draco and blaise reached the cupboard first and grabbed the only 2 books and Me and Pansy just looked at eathother not knowing what to do now.

Draco smiled and passed me a book, I thanked him but was interupted by the Proffesor.

"Excuse me! So you've all just proved none of you have books and now distrupting the class, Am i correct?"

"Well that is kind of what we just did" Blaise answered back with a giggle.

"All of you just get books and come and join the rest of the class."

We all nodded and walked back to out spot and Slughorn was showing the class the most powerful love potion in the world and all the girls including Pansy were trying to get close to it.

I just stood back and observed from a distance.


The demonstration was over and we were all ordered to make a potion but I was so tired from the trip here i was barely with it.

There was a knock on the door, It was Proffesor Snape and of corse I've heard of him quite alot. He asked to see me, oh just pefect.

I put the book on the table and walked out of the classroom to find him round the corner waiting for me.

"Hello again Sererus" I said to brake the tension.

"Call me Proffessor Snape your not at home now, anyways whatever and congrats on making slytherin but I mean it's quite obvious and i see you've already got quite the friendship group"

"Okay sorry Sir, yeah i guess they are my friends" i said.

"Okay just dont get into much trouble, just yet." He whispered.

I just nodded, He passed me a small bag.

"Everything thats in there is all you need for now your pet and trunk is in your dorm and your bed is the one on the very end to your left. So go and change into your robe and atleast its not an embarrising house like some." he scoffed and went on by.

I thanked him and nodded and walked to the closest changing room and put on the slytherin tie,vest and robe. I swapped all my small belongings into my new robe such as my wand which was obviously the best of the best. Put my grey robe back into the bag and put it in a locker for the time being.

I suprisingly found my way back to the class but as i was about to walk i noticed a certain someone staring at me already.

Harry potter and his pefect friends.

I gave him a death stare and walked back over to everyone who had already started on their potions but eveyone was in a duo and Pansy was by her self so i decided to join her and all of their backs were turned so they didn't notice me until i stood with them at the table.

"Merlins beard you scared me y/n" Pansy said quickly.

"Woah nice robe,it suprisingly suits you" draco replied with.




We all finished attemping to make this potion but none of us really understood it so basically just messed around the whole time.

Proffesor Slughorn came over and first looked at mine and Pansy's potion and just looked at us and shooked his head."Did you even attempt to do the potion?" he questioned

"Nope" Pansy calmly replied with.

"5 points taken from slytherin"

Pansy was just staring at him whilst he moved to Dracos and Blaises potion.

"What is this? To me it looks like you just put water in a cauldron." He snapped.

Draco quickly ran to the supplies cabinet and grabbed some green dye and dropped a bit into the cauldron.

"Green water, Sir" Draco said with a proud smirk on his face.

The whole class just broke down laughing except the so called 'golden trio'.

"10 points will be removed from slytherin, Great start boys."

Everyone just laughed even harder and the boys replied with inbetween their laughter "Thank you sir" sarcastically.

Slughorn went to the front of the class and demanded silence and everyone was struggling to be quiet.

He finished going round looking at everyone and obviously rewards Harry for such a perfect potion.

"Everyone gather around!" He requested

All the students gathered around the 2 of them.

"Here we go again" Blaise whispered.

We all agreed and just stood in the corner with our arms folded not wanting to be rewarding perfect Harry potter, he has had enough over these few years .

But something caught my eye, His potions book.

I've seen it before, it hit me like a dart..

Its my fathers, and Harry Potter of all people have it.

Its mine.

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