The past should be behind you.

written by Maddie Huxley

You started hogwarts and recognise a few people a certain things along the way. Your past and family is something your not proud of but a secret can be secret for only so long...

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Chapter 3

Hands off whats not yours.


The bell rang, students flooding out of classrooms and Proffesors telling them to not run in corridors. But obviously the famous three were walking perfectly, looking us up and down, i just roll my eyes and continue walking.

"god whats their problem?" Pansy snarled.

"i have no idea but we best get back to the common room its getting dark." I replied.

They nodded in agreement as we made our way to the common room.



"pure-blood" draco whispered and the door opened and we walked in.

The lovley smell of damp earth and the warm crackling fire welcomes you in, we took off our robes and ties and placed them on the leather couch.

"why dont we play a game?" Blaise suggested.

" yeah sure, what game you thinking of?" Pansy questioned.

"truth or dare?"

We all agreed and sat in a circle on the rug.

"okay so pansy, truth or dare?" Blaise asked.


"is it true you snuck into my dorm this morning"

Pansy just giggled

"not funny" Blasie huffed

"y/n truth or dare?" Pansy asked

"ill skip this round ive got to do something real quick,wont be long"

"where you going?" Pansy questioned

I opened the door and quietly shut it and made my way to the Gryfindoor common room.

Ran as quietly as i could through the hallways and up the moving staircase.

"What brings you here?" The fat lady asked.

"hey i forgot i accidently gave hermione my book"

"Be quick then its dark out" The fat lady said as she opened the door.

I slowly crept in and noticed the golden 3 on the sofa reading, how boring.

"Excuse me" i walked up to them and faced Harry.

He was holding it, acting like its his,no way.

"You have something of mine, i want it back."


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