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The Boy Who Vanishes

Chapter 1

The Boy Who Vanishes

Henry Potter, descended from Harry Potter, keeps vanishing. He will vanish one day, and turn up weeks later. Each time, a crime will happen. An attack by giants on Little Whinging. Dementors surrounding Ilvermorney School of Magic. Vault 375 at Gringotts broken into. And now, the Dursley family, Muggles, had disappeared. Frederick and Rose, as well as their two children, Amber, age 3, and Sam, age 7. They disappeared on April 4th, during a fireworks display. Potter vanished the 1st of April. We are awaiting Potter's arrival for a hearing on August 18th. Meanwhile, at the Ministry of Magic, Minister Rufus Scrimgeour has his hands full. Scrimgeour talked to the Muggle Prime Minister, Albert Yesot, and has yet to come up with a plan. Scrimgeour plans to hold a fourth emergency council meeting on July 23. Whether they will come up with a solution is yet to be known. 

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