Diary of hell

written by Hermione magic

Why does everything bad have to happen to me? But your a diary, you wouldn't understand - or would you?

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1st September

Chapter 1

Dear diary, 

Dad wanted me to be in Slytherin, Mum didn't care as she didn't even want me to go to Hogwarts. But now I'm in Gryffindor - Dad is going to get so angry with me, I don't know what to do. Me and my cat Magnus seem so alone in this world. Everyone is avoiding me, I'm the half blood now, Slythern-Gryffindor. The only house that truly seems to understand is Hufflepuff, why couldn't I have gone there? Why did I even have to go to Hogwarts? 

When the sorting hat was on my head these are its words,

"Ahh, desperate to be - a Slytherin? Families wishes, no? I am afraid you are meant to be, GRYFFINDOR!" a few people on Gryffindor clapped but not many. The Sorting Hat had just revealed my secret - I hated him for it. Now I had no friends and everyone despises me. 

At night I cried myself to sleep, Magnus comforted me but I knew this year would be living hell. 


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