The Hogwarts journey

written by Katie freeman

Follow Catherine Freeman through her seven years at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. She received her letter in July 1991. She goes to Diagon alley to buy her school supplies. Then she boards the Hogwarts Express and makes friends with Padma, Terry, and Anthony. A romance starts to blossom between Catherine and neville Longbottom whom she met in herbology class.

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Chapter 1

 The journey begins: Katie freeman stood at platform 9 3/4. She received her letter in July 1991. She was told that she was the girl who lived due to her babysitter sacrificing herself  and that she was the only one who could defeat Voldemort. She hugged her parents goodbye and boarded the train. She found a compartment with two boys and a girl. She knocked and they told her to come in. She sat next to the girl who introduced herself as Padma. The boys were Terry and Anthony. She got to know her year mates and they shared sweets from the trolley. They changed into their robes and exited the train. They followed Hagrid to the boats and sailed across the lake. They walked up to the doors and Hagrid knocked. The doors opened to reveal a woman with her black hair in a bun and she was wearing a green robe. She introduced herself as Professor McGonagall  and she told them about the four houses and  the sorting ceremony. They all filed into the great Hall and were sorted one by one. When Katie‘s name was called there were whispers around the Hall.  She nervously sat down as the hat was placed on her head. Raven claw! The hat shouted.  She sat at the Ravenclaw table.   Her friends were sorted into Raven claw as well. The great feast appeared with every kind of food you could imagine. They went upstairs  to there common room to get settled into the dorms. She met her dorm mates Lisa and Mandy and they all got along well. They all went to sleep excited for what the future will hold. 

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