Everything I Never Told You

written by Sierra

A girl named Sierra, and a boy named Jacob are high school students. Sierra is a Junior, and Jacob is a Senior. Jacob secretly has a crush on Sierra, but Sierra doesn't. Over time, Jacob and Sierra get to know each other, and they soon become friends. Jacob still has strong feelings about Sierra, and Sierra soon starts developing feelings. The story will further explain their relationship. (Please read this! I want to know everyone's thoughts on this!) (I will also be having a Part Two of this story, what should I call it? Give me some ideas!)

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Chapter One: The Moment After

Chapter 1

(Sierra’s POV)

I was working at my bakery, and my friend, Lelia tapped my shoulder. “Sierra, look it’s Jacob.” I rolled my eyes. “Lelia, I know he’s there, you’ve been telling me-” “Uh, hey, um could I get a scone, and an iced coffee to go?” A voice asked. I whipped my head around. “Oh, hey, um yeah, that’s going to be $5.05.” I responded. He smiled. “Thank you,” I nodded my head and smiled. “Lelia, 2 scones and an iced coffee to go!” I yelled. 

(15 minutes earlier)

“SIERRA! HERE!” Lelia yelled. She slid the iced coffee across the table, including the scones. “THANKS!” I yelled back. I walked out of the bakery, and went over to the customer, who was my crush, Josh. “Here you go.” He smiles at me. Oh my gosh, his smile is perfect. “Actually, wait, sit with me.” He grabs my wrist. I whip my head around. “Oh ok.” I breathe out. 

(Outside the Bakery) (Jacob’s POV and thoughts)

My thoughts were racing, did I want to talk to Sierra? I’ve been crushing on her ever since 1st grade. We’re both in high school, and of course both freshmen. The first day of school was the best day of my life. She hung out with me the entire day, her smile was perfect, and her laugh made my heart melt. I know I probably shouldn't be liking this girl, but what can I say? She’s beautiful! 

She brought over a chair, and sat down in front of me. “So, how’s school going?” She asked. I shrugged. “Eh, it’s okay, my grades are decent, All A’s, except in Math.” I looked down at the ground. “Oh, Jacob, I can help you if you want.” She said, with a soft smile. I gave her a weak smile. “That would be nice, thanks.” She smiled back at me. “Meet me tomorrow, after school, okay?” I nodded my head. “Okay Sierra, or should I call you Mrs. Sierra?” She laughed. “You can call me that if you want.” She laughed out loud. 

Sweet! I got a date with my crush, well she doesn’t know that I like her. Yet.

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