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Story Time 2 - Hermione Granger and the misunderstood child

Chapter 2

Professor Granger sat at her desk in the pretty lit chamber - the staff room. Groaning to herself as she marked some Fourth Years Arithmancy work, she thought a bit angrily perhaps. When I was a student, I would have been much better than anyone else! She thought. She just finished putting a final minus on Lysander Scamander’s work, a dirty figure came into view. It was Professor Neville Longbottom. 

“Hey Hermione! I was just re-potting the mandrakes. You ok?” He asked kindly, beaming. Hermione smiled. 

“Thanks Neville. Yes, just marking. How is Rose and Hugo in your lesson?” She asked, leaning forward, completely forgetting the stack of work that she had to mark, it was 3rd Years this time. Neville, however, hesitated. 

“Well, Rose is amazing. I never saw anyone so talented! She communicates with her classmates well - and Little Scorpius is at her side as usual. But what can I say, they get on like a house on fire. Two fine brains,” Neville rambled on. 

“Yesterday she re-potter such a lovely Rose! And the way she sings to it too…”. But this didn’t satisfy Hermione. 

“And Hugo?” She asked icily. She knew that Rose inherited her brains and memory and shined at all lessons, but Hugo….This was exactly what Neville was avoiding, unfortunately. However, he took a deep breath and told the truth.

“Hugo is distracted at the lessons. He is in his own world, most of the time.” And as soon as Hermione heard, she scuttled out of the room to get a cup of water. Her Hugo, “my boy!” She thought she was daydreaming at lessons! Muttering angrily, she went to bed.


The next day, she gave Hugo a pep talk in her study.

“Quidditch is a distraction to you. I have seen your reports in Herbology and other lessons.” She said sternly, and truthly. She had indeed asked the teachers. First, she went to Professor Parvati Patil who taught Charms.

“Hugo Weasley? Let’s see, let’s see…He has trouble mastering the Accio spell and his homework is a bit unsatisfactory as well but when I give him coaching sessions, he just doesn’t turn up!” Professor Patil complained and said after a slinace. 

“Well, I have to check the 1st Year's homework. Hope to see you later, Hermione.” and with that, she turned on her heel and trotted off, leaving Hermione in the Charms classroom. 


Then, she decided to ask the Divination Professor: Professor Luna Lovegood. Professor Lovegood stared bemused at Hermione as she demanded a report. 

“Ah, Hermione, Weasley…well, Professor,  Weasley is making remarkably bad progress and invents half of the things he writes! But I believe you are too hard on him..” Professor Lovegood lapsed into a thoughtful silence and that made Hermione even angrier as she went to scold Hugo. 


However, later on, she overheard Professor Dean Thomas say.

“Hugo!! Fantastic Transfiguration homework! I must say, I have never seen such a powerful man in my life. After you get to DADA, say I want a word about the amazing DADA work you do. I really need to make them give you a challenge, eh, my boy?” Professor Thomas grinned and stalked away while Hermione came in. Her eyes filled with tears as they both ran to embrace each other. 

“I’m sorry Mum.” He said but It was Hermione who said:

“No, I am Hugo. My talented boy.”

Written By Andromeda Riddle

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