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Trophy Peom Section - Hogwarts Houses

Chapter 3


Slytherins are great,

Full of power and ambition,

They will succeed their mission,

And get their real friends.


Handsome, pretty and admired, 

They shall not face the ugly light, 

They shall stand up with might, 

No wonder it’s a sight!


The witty Ravenclaws, 

Smart as an owl, 

They shall stay clever, 

Never lose Trevor!


Their brains, wit and mind, 

Will make us blind, 

And I’m not sure that you shall find, 

A witty one like them.


The daring house of Gryffidnor, 

Emblazoned with the hearty lion, 

Full of fire and bravery, 

No, not savory.


Bold and fierce, 

Ready to protect their friends, 

Ready to make amends. 

The courage, kindness and love, 

Makes them Gryffindors.


Hufflepuff are loyal, 

The real, honest type, 

They will never swipe, 

But be your loyal friend.


Full of peace, 

Dreams of hope, 

They shan’t mope, 

For they are the worthy Hufflepuffs. 

Written By Narcissa Slytherin


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