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Debate Time

Chapter 6

Ginevra Weasley  


In tonight's debate, we shall be discussing Ginevra Molly Weasley. Is she good or bad? Based on the world-famous Harry Potter books, she was a pleasant enough girl. But was she? Read on to find out!


First of all, as she developed a close friendship with our spectacular and brave Luna Lovegood and Niville Longbottom. Ginevra (Ginny) was actually first to call Luna “Loony Lovegood” in a very disrespectful way. That just shows that she is rude. 


On the other hand, Ginny was a very protective sister and helped her older brother (Ronald (Ron) Weasley) to escape the worst Professor at Hogwarts (Dolores Jane Umbridge) office by shooting a Bag-Bogey Hex on the unsuspected, evil Draco Malfoy who was from her evil squad. Ron managed to escape after that.


However, you can’t deny that Ginny was very rude to her Brother (Bill Weasley) wife. She complained about  him to her Mother. Molly said “...Whereas Bill and Fleur..well..what do they really have in common? He's a hard-working, down to earth sort of person, where she is…” “..A cow” was the ending Ginny said which is plain rude, as Fleur Delacour isn’t a cow and was brave enough to even compete in the Triwizard Tournament. 


On the other side, Ginny is described with a great many charming adjectives like powerful and strong as she managed to do many Jinxes and Hexes at a very young age. She was called Athletic in many Siris as she was a stand-in (spectacular) Seeker in the Quidditch Team when Harry Potter got banned from the Pitch by the Umbridge Woman.


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