Sisters Of The Dead

The three black sisters are hooded and dark. They will go at any length to destroy the good. The only question is, how long will it be until the good meet their end?

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The Ashes

Chapter 2

The guard jumped slightly, getting himself armed forcefully and saying in a bold voice:

“Who is here! Show yourself! The Dementors are about, the kiss is waiting!” Batesrat rolled her eyes and silently cast a spell to reveal herself. Leaning on the shoulder of the guard, she talked to him, making a shiver run down his spine.

“It is - for you. Now, be a good lad and come quietly.” She said, sounding almost bored.

“What? Who are - aaaaaahhhh!!!” The guard lapsed into an awful screeching sound as he caught sight of Batesrat. It was rightly that he perhaps had screamed, for she was a truly awful sight. Her eyes glistening with anger, her mane of dirty curls loose and a set of uneven, pus colored teeth - no wonder the guard felt back almost. He was facing one of the most powerful, dark witch in the century, the most wanted - and her sisters - in the whole of Britain! For a split-second he thought of actually saying no but made it clear that he was mad. Then, mustering up the courage, he pointed his wand at her.

“Crucio!” His voice boomed through the darkness. Batesrat got hit with the curse, squarely in her chest, but the spell was weak and didn’t even make her flinch. Cackling madly, she said in her cold voice

“You chose this way. Now, we duel.” For a fraction of a second, their eyes locked together and at the same time they shouted

“Expelliarmus!” The guard cried,

“Patrific Totolas!” Screamed Batesrat - and she did it. The one spell was so powerful, it blasted out of her wand and made the guard fall backwards on the floor, leaving Batesrat smirking. Heaving him up roughly, she cast a patronus through the air and the next moment, the tallest woman, the leader of the gang came forward. Cissa Mentorn was another wanted sister. She and Lilith were sisters and Cissa was the broad shouldered woman, the tallest and eldest of the three. And the last sibling came, followed by the flock of Dementors named Enya Salizia. Enya was the serious one and always right on schedule. One of her rare gifts was to speak with Dementors, who she craved. 


By the flick of Cissa’s wand, the whole of Azkaban was full of light. The guard was already transported safely so he could not escape, the Azkaban was in the sisters hands tonight. The prisoners gaped at the sight of the three, powerful women, that they all shouted and cried with delight:

“They have done it!”

“The mighty ones are here to save us, hurray!!”

“Slazers Snakes! The sisters are here!”

“The Sisters of the Black!”

Squeals echoed through the deserted manor but Cissa put her hand up and got the silence respectfully.

“We have indeed come to save you. You will be loyal and thankful for us, and you shall join us - and serve us proudly. This is your chance to be a warrior, a brave one like us. Do you join?” Cissa said, her voice was cold and icy, as if she swallowed a cold ice-cube. Cheers of agreement filled Azkaban at those words, thunderous clapping and desperate nods made the webs shake and the stones rattle.

“You will obey your first command then.” Said Cissa, raising her voice slightly. Everyone was nodding in agreement and stood stock still. A flick of her wand and a level of iron doors burst open, letting the prisoners free. Enya and Lilith copied and soon the whole of Azkaban was on the first floor, eager to hear their leader, the wonderful woman. 

“Enya has kindly got us many copies of the brooms, all found at the back. You will perform a Dissolution charm on you - we do not want to be seen as we fly through the heavens. Lilith is leading at the front, she will direct us to The Mentorn Manor, it has exactly 57 rooms for you to live in, and a huge hall for our meetings. Unplottable.” Rang her brisk voice. 

“I will be at the back and Enya will be floating around us. Now!” Cissa commanded. Everyone grabbed the nearest broom and made themselves invisible. Slowly, they creaked behind the doors with Dementors circling them like hawks, but more dangerous and violent. They flew.


Cissa waited until they were tiny specks, and stepped out of the crooked house. A simple spell, a simple wave and the whole of Azkaban had gone away. She disappeared into the darkness leaving the misty air and the several ashes, all ripped and torn, desperate to be saved, but no one could hear their silent cry. The forest was a midnight black…illuminated by the lunar moon-light and sending a sense of creepiness across the clear field. 


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