Sisters Of The Dead

The three black sisters are hooded and dark. They will go at any length to destroy the good. The only question is, how long will it be until the good meet their end?

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Mentorn Manor

Chapter 3


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But the rest was covered by a large Deville Snare plant beside the desk of Cissa. Her eyebrows were knitted together with thought, thinking maliciously of another cruel plan to come up with. They have used “cruel” huh? She thought to herself. Well, I can be “Cruel” true. She felt herself laughing silently. It was true, she led all the prisoners that were now getting ready for the first meeting, hmm, she thought as she absent mindedly went to the door. Cissa made her way downstairs, where Enya lit several candles, all melting with age. She was wearing her usual slim and elegant black dress, her hands covered with net gloves. Many boxes were stacked in the corner, full of copies of black outfits that were ready for the new-comers. They were empty, true, for they all wanted to impress the three by wearing them for the first meeting. A slender, long table stretched across the room with many wooden chairs tucked in. At the top of the table, however, stood a handsome chair with two fine ones by its side - for the three sisters.

As 10 o’clock struck, the door burst open and many witches and wizards filled out, taking up spaces. Cissa waited in silence until the last witch was sitting. 

“I will have the first plan first. You will be branded with the Dark Mark.” She paused, looking at each of them in turn. 

“First up!! One to me, Enya and Lilith!” She screeched. The whole room was still, no one even dared to draw their breath. Cissa raised one of her well-marked eyebrows. To that, a witch stood up and walked straight to Lilith. The witch stood in front of her, her head up high. Cissa nodded to her and gave her a rare smile. As soon as that happened, many tried to get up faster but a pale young wizard with hair the color of soot reached Cissa first. Then, an elegant woman with her hair a dirty blond strided straight to Enya. Enya greeted her with a look that made the person think that she could see what they were thinking and the witch almost stepped back in fright. But no, she did not, her instincts made her continue standing.

Lilith gave the brave woman that came up to her, Priscilla Alornest, the dark mark. Her flesh burned in her skin, turning slowly into a black figure of a snake..curling around a black heart..the ripped one.

“ Thank you, Oh great Lilith. I shall be your most loyal servant ever, I shall never betray you and will always be on your side.” Priscilla said, her voice flattering and hopeful. She saw a glint of satisfaction in Lilith’s eyes and marched back to her seat, looking very proud. Meanwhile, the man stood in front of Cissa and waited expectantly. His name was Lennox Curt. She pointed her wand at his left hand and performed a complex spell on his hand. As the snake came alive and wriggled as she moved her wand, she looked straight into Lennox’s eyes and searched hungirly for signs of pain, or perhaps, regret. But none came. He arched his back proudly, gave her a bow and also returned to his seat. Odette Lakebird was facing Enya and received the satisfaction of having the Dark Mark.


As soon as a man named Sullivan Duke received the mark, Cissa silenced the room and made a small cough.

“Ahem, I will need several volunteers to come with me. Some might go with Enya, and others with Lilith.” Cissa said, her voice drowning with voices and a forest of hands. Shaking her head, she got silent as everyone stared at her with bated breath. 

“Cordelia Mension, Priscilla Alornest, Danvir Yaxley and Casimir Fudge, come with me. Enya, LIlith, choose your companions.” said Cissa, making the four she said beam with pride but the rest didn’t dare express their sadness.

“Odette Lakebird, Lennox Curt, Kiley Grim and Evangeline Turner! I want to get business down with you! Meet me in front of the manor in 5 minutes.” Rang Enya’s voice through the eerie darkness. 

“Let’s see, let’s see, hmm, experienced with the cruciatus curse…” muttered Lilith, talking to herself and making a shiver run around the room. She finally said:

“ Irina Hatem, Mariposa Sullensee, Astra May, Blox Curtrow and Calico Evergreen. You five, I want you near the dungeons. Now.” And like that, the woman and men made their way with their captains all nearly dying with happiness. To be serving one of the sisters, what an honor! They all thought.


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