Sisters Of The Dead

The three black sisters are hooded and dark. They will go at any length to destroy the good. The only question is, how long will it be until the good meet their end?

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The Tasks

Chapter 4

This chapter begins with the first group, told to be waiting by the dungeons. A faint murmur came from the group, they all stood tense and eager to please the sisters. Irina and Astra were swapping looks that ment “good luck” while Mariposa, Blox and Calico were all talking in low voices and deep frowns, all a bit nervous to be honest. Suddenly, a steady rhythm of brisk footsteps filled the dungeons. Everyone’s breath sharpened and as one, they pointed their wands at the new-comer. However, a voice behind Irina muttered:

“Very good, very good. That was test number one. Now, my Death Eaters, we all will catch a mudblood tonight. Yes, yes, we shall. So, I’ll show you how it’s done.” It was Lilith. Her dark curls were carelessly put into a messy bun and leaving a lot out, making it look as if she hadn’t washed for days, Irina had to remind herself that that was possible. No one jumped, they all looked as if they were expecting that (none of them were). 


Lilith marched into another chamber, the five followed her. There stood the guard from Azkaban and another weak muggle that had a wand in his hand. 

“Oh no you don’t Mister. I’m giving my friends a short demonstration, who cares to be first?” She said, pronouncing every syllable in the last word. The muggle stepped forward pointing his wand. 

“I admire bravery, yes, you wouldn’t make a bad Death Eater, my fellow. Yet…you don’t have the blood do you? Come on, shall we see how filthy your blood actually is?” Lilith said, smirking as the group cackled, clearly enjoying the fun. Soon, the muggle pointed his wand at her and she withdrew hers but was faster and said in her clear voice:

“Crucio!”. The wand was blasted out of his hand and his screams of pain echoed through the tunnel. Screams for mercy, help and stopping but he got none. Lilith’s eyes widened with enjoyment as he experienced the pain. His eyes were rolling madly, his head felt like fire and his bones rattled inside like snakes…longing to get out…it was pain byond anything that the muggle ever felt. But then it stopped. She looked at the pitiful sight with no hint of regret on her dirty face. She gave him a look and addressed them both. 

“We will need to kill you, both. I’m afraid we can’t let you live, you will shout all our secrets about, my dear fellow. I will leave Cissa or Enya to finish you - I’m giving you some time to say goodbye to your memories.” With that, she turned on her heel and went out, her group followed as they frew disgusted looks in their direction.


Meanwhile, Cissa, Priscilla, Danvir, Casimir and Cordelia were in the mountains. Their story is short, all they did was build a huge crooked house, a prison by their skilled hands and brain. Priscilla did a job of making a very good path to it, which made Cissa address her a few kind words to which she flushed bright red. Danvir and Cordelia were planting many trees about so it would be near a forest while Casimir got to do the honor of printing in bold, capital letters:

                                                            BLACK PRISON

After admiring their work, they settled off to get some dinner. 


And lastly, Enya’s group were visiting certain members and people. They came to Rirfen Greyback’s house and extended an invitation for him to join them and received a very enthusiastic response. 

“Why thank you. Honor to be asked by such a fine woman. I’ll be there at your manor at 6 o’clock tomorrow. Will do!” Rirfen grunted, clearly pleased to be asked. After waving a cheerful goodbye, they set off again. This time, Odette got to ask Darius Dolohav and he also was very proud to be asked. He also was to meet them at 6 o’clock.


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