Sisters Of The Dead

The three black sisters are hooded and dark. They will go at any length to destroy the good. The only question is, how long will it be until the good meet their end?

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Death Eaters Meeting

Chapter 5

Six Am dawned. The forest was dark, still leaving traces of the misty air from the night. Only three witches wandered around in those poisonous parts…the black sisters as everyone called them. Their names and faces flew around the newspapers daily, so it was usual to see one of their names printed in capitals. The fire was lit, raging around in the still air as it was the darkest, murkiest spot in the whole forest. 


The witches all stood in random positions. Cissa Mentorn was standing in front of the fire and gazing into the depths of the angry fire. Enya Saliza was positioned at her right hand side while Lilith Batesrat was standing, bored and seemed to be getting impatient. However, a faint pop came and a black hooded figure strode into the room-seized space. Lifting its hood, it revealed itself to be a female. She stood near the fire, gave them all a bow and said, in barely a whisper:

“Odette Lakebird. Pleasure to serve you, My ladies.” Cissa nodded, staring transfixed at the spot Odette came from and seemed to be expecting more. However, she didn’t have long to wait. The air was full of swishing cloaks and bows, muttering things that no one could hear. Odette and Priscilla were beside Enya and Lilith, starting a circle that was soon filled with many more. Rirfen Greyback stood near them, a handsome werewolf, to be honest. Lennox found his way here and was staring straight into the eyes of Enya. Beside him, Darius and Sullivan were standing, their hoods barely lifted. Mariposa, Blox and Calico were in their usual huddle, straightening up and looking in admiration at the sisters. Irina was also present, completing the circle. Also, there was Danvir, Cordelia and Casimir who stood a bit behind and lacked confidence to be in presence with such powerful people. Astra, Kiley and Evangeline were also grim faced and part of the circle in the eerie darkness. As all of them were quiet, Cissa spoke in a clear voice.

“Welcome, Death Eaters. I am glad to see you again. Enya and Lilith told me of your work, we are proud. Yet, you did not get a lot of practise with torture, did you? This is what I am suggesting. Certain members will all get jobs, for example..” Cissa paused looking everyone in the eye for a moment.

“Sullivan, Evangeline, Mariposa, Astra, Cordelia, Darius and Kiley, you will guard the Black Prison. Your job is to torture them and make it nasty…they should not be happy in your presence. I will personally check in to make sure. Evangeline and Mariposa, I want you to guard the front door. Kiley, Astra and Darius, take the rest of the sides. Sullivan and Cordelia, I wish you to monitor inside. Anyone messing around or interfering in the prison - I give you permisson to put them there and torture them. Very well, I think I make myself clear.” Cissa said, again raising one of her elegant eyebrows. Everyone mentioned nodded. Then Enya spoke up.

“We have another problem. We also need some people who will aid me and make up our plans. We will envoy a few giants for spookiness…and find out the Order Of the Phoenix members and supporters of them. We need to have a few people. Cissa,” She said, indicating her head towards Cissa, 

“So, I have chosen a few. Priscilla, Odette and Lennox will assist me in gathering “good” people. Irina, Blox, Calico and Casimir will go to envoy the giants and send Dementors to other places with Lilith. It is not only Britain, but we need to terrorize many other countries. France, for instance.” Enya finished, as a storm of approval drowned her voice. 

“Let us chant our song, then…” Lilith said, her voice stuttering with excitement. All the villains nodded and began to chant, dancing around the fire.

“ One little swish, of our wand, 

Turn Azkaban to sand, 

Us, pure-bloods are the best, 

We brew our potions with zest.


Striking death, 

And longing for torture,

Those lads better look out, 

We will make them more than pout!


Avada Kedavra, 

The cruciatus curse, 

We learned those in our youth, 

And now, well - poof!


We strike our wand, 

Proud and ambitious,

From the ancient pure-blood line, 

Now the power’s mine.” They all chant and sing the evil lyrics, definitely not hearing the cries and pleas for help echoing from the ancient graveyard, those who died as victims and screams of mercy…but got none.


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