Sisters Of The Dead

The three black sisters are hooded and dark. They will go at any length to destroy the good. The only question is, how long will it be until the good meet their end?

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Prisoners and Secrets

Chapter 6

The Black prison was a source of great fascination to the wizards and witches. One excited Daily Prophet reporter came down to take a few photos - But got Kiley to lead to one of the cells, much to Cordelia and Sullivan’s happiness. There stood the many cells, squished together like cattle stalls and holding those desperate prisoners inside. There was Roald Mesmory, the innocent muggle-born guard of Azkaban. Beside him, was the random muggle-born whose name was Jenkin Jorrison and he suffered his share. Meanwhile, The Daily Prophet reporter (Peggy Snowlight) also got her share of pain. They were gradually filled up, much to everyone's satisfaction. 


Cordelia and Sullivan were just about to lead some Dementors in for their daily scare, when they hear Mariposa hiss

“Cissa Mentorn. Straighten your hat, Sullivan and Cordelia, please do put that saintly expression off. Oooh! Here she comes!” Mariposa turned around and faced straight - eager to impress the dark witch. Cissa was marching forward, looking fierce and usually calm. She was beautiful, but terrifying. She came to a halt when she saw Mariposa and Evangeline in front of the house. She was happy, for some reason and walked straight to Mariposa and whispered a few words to her. Mariposa gave a small nod and hurried inside the castle. Cissa’s happy day-dream got interrupted as a group of women approached. One was the leader of the gang and the most recognisable. She was leading a woman who was thrashing around but Enya Saliza stunned her and cast a spell for her to float. Then, behind her, Priscilla was holding a person who was also stunned. It was a man. His hair was blonde and he had large brown eyes that made him look soft and caring. Then, Odette was roughly levitating a man with glasses and he was bold. And lastly, trudging behind them, Lennox was lazily levitating a woman with fresh black curls and round, blue eyes. The group made their way towards the prison where Cissa was grinning insanely. Cissa and Kiley helped move the people into separate cells and removed their wands which they locked into a chest hidden very cleverly by Enya. Cordelia and  Sullivan also joined them so they, Cissa, Kiley and Mariposa were surrounding Cissa. Cissa waved a lazy flick of her wand and the man with blonde hair came to life. He looked terrified.

“Cissa….Mentorn…Mistress, what…I…can…give…you…information…release…beg..”He managed to stutter, his words seemed to be torn apart. The room stiffened at his words. The man nodded and continued to shake. 

“Hmm, lad, we could use a bit more secrets…what is your “information” about?” Cissa asked after receiving an approving look from Enya. The man gasped as if he had said something terrible, and said as his voice wobbled madly.

“The Order..I know…a lot..” He said in the same manner. Cissa laughed audibly.

“Perhaps…now spill the beans. What were you saying, secrets, you know?” Cissa said, her eyes gleaming with curiosity. Her pale hands clutched the wand tightly - aiming it at the terrifying lump. He nodded, took a deep breath…and began.


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