First Years: Bitter Arguments

This book is set in Hogwarts. Written By Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Thank you, Luna, for doing half of the work! Please read, and review! Just owl Andromeda, or Luna, who has a profile with the Ravenclaw crest.

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The Accusation

Chapter 2

The sun shined through the curtains as a morning greeting but Rose was already up. It took her a few moments but then she remembered the huge “fight” that she was in. Or a mess, you could call it. She began brushing her hair determinedly while Andromeda pulled on her stockings.

"You aren't scared of Nia today? I would be trembling. The way she screams..." Rose murmured, careful not to wake the two other girls in her dorm. Andromeda rolled her eyes and said

"If she thinks that she can scare me, she's losing the game. But I'll tell you this," she said suddenly "I'll either win this proudly or I'll die trying. I'll pay you back, Nia...."Andromeda said in a surprisingly calm voice, though it was dripping with determination. Rose shook her head fondly at Andromeda. She was an Aries and always had that vibe. So, the two girls linked arms and walked into the Breakfast Hall. It smelled pleasantly but had drops of bitterness in it. It was Nia. 


Nia walked into the great hall with her head high. She has been planning this moment all night.

She walked slowly almost as though she wanted to be noticed. In fact she did. She walked up to the professor's platform with a look of resilience painted in her eyes.

"I need to see Professor McGonagall." She said imperiously to Professor Sprout.

"She'll be here in a moment." Professor Sprout replied, losing her jolly tone. Nia was highly unpopular amongst the professors at Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall swept into the room and announced

"Owls will be here shortly."

Then she spotted Nia.

"May I ask what you are doing on the professors platform?" Asked Professor McGonagall coldly

"You see Professor, there were 3 girls out of bed last night, Rose, Andromeda and " Nia hesitated, ''Nadia." Professor McGonagall nodded and called.

"Andromeda, Rose and Nadia meet me after school at 6 o'clock please." But this was Andromeda who Nia was talking about. Andromeda looked positively delighted as if offered Ice-cream.

"Professor, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry but I overheard what Nia said and may I clarify that four girls were out of bed last night. I dare say Rose and Nadia won't bother to pretend the opposite and I am not sure if I was out myself but Nia was also out. She knows this because Rose and Nadia saw her, they all did. I, myself, am not pretending that I was not out. I do enjoy a moon-lit stroll, you know. Sorry Professor." Andromeda said politely. This last phrase greatly amused a couple of second-years who went back to their seats, chortling. But Nia looked outraged.

"Oh I can assure you professor Andromeda is telling the truth." Added Nadia "In fact may I add she was actually listening to our conversation behind the door which I am sure you will admit is an awful thing to do."

"Why, this changes everything. Nia you will get double punishment as you were too out of bed and did lie about what truly happened. I'm very ashamed of you." Said Professor McGonagall, sincerely shocked. She then added after seeing the girls triumphant faces

"You won't be getting scot-free either you three." They nodded and muttered.

"Of course, sorry Professor." However inside they were rejoicing at their triumph. It felt like thousands of fire-works were exploding inside the three girls.

"I will get you back!" Hissed Nia bitterly. 

“Try me." Andromeda hissed back and turned to Nadia.

"Thank you for helping me out. Serves the sneak right. Now, how about some toast before Herbology? I'm starving." Andromeda said contently and took both girls hands and marched off with them to breakfast.


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