First Years: Bitter Arguments

This book is set in Hogwarts. Written By Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Thank you, Luna, for doing half of the work! Please read, and review! Just owl Andromeda, or Luna, who has a profile with the Ravenclaw crest.

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Chapter 3

Nia was out in the grounds - not many students were milling around as it was a chilly morning and bits of mist hung in the air. No one talked to her, only one girl. Willow Moore walked up to her and said in a low, cold voice that sounded of ice-cubes.

"I saw the whole incident. Pity Andromeda came up and spoiled it all. And that Nadia girl. Andromeda's parents were very rude to mine. I intend to get back on her as well. Want to join me?" She asked, her eyes hollow and empty. Nia smiled. "Of course I do. I live for revenge."

Nia went into a daydream of a whole Anti-Andromeda campaign.

"When do we start?" Nia asked alight with anticipation " What will we do?" Nia and Willow walked away together chatting and plotting eagerly. Meanwhile Nadia, Andromeda and Rose were sitting together laughing and chatting then Nadia spotted Nia and Willow.

Nadia nudged Andromeda and nodded at them murmuring

"That's Willow Moore. She's famous for her dark deeds. What is she doing with Nia?" Rose also stared at them, transfixed. 

"Plotting my murder?" Andromeda joked. But Rose shook her head.

"Willow is horrible. Just hope that Willow doesn't meet Angelina Parkinson, that will be more trouble. Angelina is as horrible as them both. Uh, what are they doing? They are bad for each other!" Rose muttered angrily.

 "Don't joke about that, Andromeda!" Whispered Nadia "That's probably what they are doing knowing Willow! Anyway Rose is right, if they meet Angelina we'll be expelled in two days. Remember what happened to Alicia when she upset Angelina? She was expelled for apparently putting lots of awfully deadly creatures underneath Angelina's pillow when she put them there herself. We've got to watch out!" Andromeda stopped at once and an eerie pale color crept across her face. 

“I know Nia will get Angelina. She's surprisingly capable of extraordinary persuasion. We'll be the ones sent to the muggle world at this rate!" Cried Nadia “We need a plan to keep Angelina and Nia apart!" The group fell silent. 

"We can injure Angelina to make her go to the hospital wing..." Andromeda suggested mildly. 

"I mean... let's wait until we Know shes on Willow and Nia's side. I'd feel awful if we did it for no reason. Maybe there not plotting anything at all." Replied Nadia, desperate for it to be true. After all, not many people have enough nerve to stand up to Angelina's gang. 

"That's true...but for filth like her..." Andromeda muttered, her eyes glued to the two girls. Rose was playing with the grass and murmuring strange words to herself. Nadia nodded solemnly then her eyes fell on Rose and she jumped startled.

"Rose?" She asked uncertaintly "What are you doing?". Rose looked up, unconscious of anything wrong.

"Sorry?" Nadia bent down looking concerned and said anxiously

"Rose what are you saying?" Plenty of thoughts whirled around in Nadia's head. Was she ill? Does she need the Hospital Wing? Is she having a fit? Andromeda didn’t look stunned, in fact, she seemed to be expecting it.

"Since she was 4 years old, she always talked in Parseltongue to herself - she isn't a bad witch, don't worry, I know her all my life - but when she is thinking hard, she always does that." Andromeda shrugged.

"It happens to me all the time, Nadia, don't worry." Rose assured her. But this only made Nadia look even more terrified. Parseltongue? Rose? This wasn’t looking good.

 "Um..... I have to go.... Not because of you Rose." Stammered Nadia but added the last sentence, quickly seeing Rose's crestfallen face. "I swear I'll be back, I'm going to spy on Willow." Before anyone could stop her Nadia spotted and ran to them Willow and Nia.

"Nia! Hey Nia! I'm on your side. I swear I'm spying on Rose and Andromeda and I found out Rose can speak Parseltongue!" Whispered Nadia desperately.

Willow raised her eyebrows disbelievingly whilst Nia said

"I know your honesty towards me."

"We made an unbreakable vow to never lie to each other." Added Nia for Willows benefit. Willow looked as if someone had started to hang out sweets. Rose stared at the figure sadly.

"I blew it." She said, "It's just my luck. Nadia left because of me, really, it's just my luck. Why, oh why did I have to be born with such a "talent". It's horrible." Andromeda shook her head.

"I'll carry on trusting Nadia even if it is the last thing I do. To me, I think loyalty is important, especially with this situation now. If we don't trust each other, we will crumble from within." Andromeda stood up as the bell rang and hurride of with Rose to Herbology. 


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