First Years: Bitter Arguments

This book is set in Hogwarts. Written By Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Thank you, Luna, for doing half of the work! Please read, and review! Just owl Andromeda, or Luna, who has a profile with the Ravenclaw crest.

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Chapter 5

Just then, Elsie walked up and muttered to Andromeda:

"Hey cousin. Did you know that Zosia, our cousin, is arriving today? She and Aaliyah. We were asked to go to Dumbledore's study. I can't say I'm excited. Remember what happened to Ivonne? And...Oh, hello, dear Nadia." Elsie narrowed her eyes as she saw Nadia and nodded to Andromeda and stalked off.

"You know Elsie?" Andromeda asked, surprised. "I forgot that the twins are arriving. They are just so....Willow-ish. I suppose I should meet them..." Andromeda sighed heavily. Rose patted her shoulder sympathetically and asked Nadia.

"So, did you get any leads for what they are plotting? I must say, I don't like the look of them, whispering together." Rose said firmly. 


Meanwhile at the Slytherin table, Willow and Nia were having a heated discussion about their “deadly” enemies. 

"Good to have Nadia on our side, eh?" Willow said to Nia as they sat eating lunch. With a swig of pumpkin juice, Willow said

"I talked to Susan today. Cornered her after DADA, she seemed very interested in our idea! She hates Andromeda with passion as well. Did you know that she actually scribbled things like "Snake Tongue '' over Roses (Andromeda's friend) bags? Honestly, it serves her right. The rumors about her." Willow looked triumphant.

"Yes, Nadia's skills at DADA are astonishing; you should see her spellcasting! I cornered Alexandria just now and she was delighted and said she was bored of hanging with Angelina. There was just no evil yet she was so happy to have something to do. Now it's time for the harder persuaded lot."

Nia grinned. Andromeda was completely POWERLESS NOW she thought. 


"Oh yes, but now, you can see the genius side of me." Willow mocked a grand position before saying "Susan promised to pass all of that on to Aries and Valdis and Angelina! And.." she said, lowering her voice, "We agreed to meet if they are interested at midnight, today." 

"You're joking!" Gaped Nia upsetting her lunch and standing up. "Tonight! Where?"

Willow grinned and answered.

"Get your sister, we'll talk and plan together. But don't blow Nadia's cover, you are pretending to hate her now after all."

Nia nodded and shot out the Great Hall catching Nadia just outside Dumbledore's office.

"Best to be snappy." She muttered to herself

"Nadia we need to talk." Said Nia cagely

Andromeda raised her eyebrows and linked arms with Nadia and Rose.

"Come on, Professor Dumbledore won't like it if we are late." She said that in an icy voice, "But I'm doing that for Dumbledore, not Zosia and Aaliyah." Rose stood in the background, looking very nervous. Near them, Elsie strolled past. Nadia froze and almost hit her forehead. Nia could not be less discreet! Now she would have to do some quick thinking. Nadia flicked her hair behind her ears and giving her sister a I-know-what-I'm-doing look which Nia understood said

"Give me a minute to decide." 


Rose, who was the sharpest girl in the group, caught the look. She didn't know what it ment but she thought that something was translated into Nia's head. Rose looked at Nadia and said:

"Andromeda, you will be late. Why don't you go with Elsie while I'll....stay with Nadia?" Rose muttered "Good luck!" and Andromeda slumped off to the gargoyle giving the password (Chocolate Frogs) and went in. Rose was alone with Nia and Nadia. Nadia had to think fast now.  

Nadia again sighed and decided to use whatever persuasion she had learnt from Nia to good use. 

"Rose, I think you ought to go with Andromeda. She favors you, you know I'm going to talk to Nia" She broke off glaring at Nia making sure Rose could see her "And hear whatever she has to say. I won't be long"

Nadia turned to face Rose hoping with all her might Rose would agree Andromeda needs help and join her. 

"If you are sure..." said Rose doubtfully, scanning the girl for signs of pleas of help but found none. She gave a curt nod and went to get closer to the gargoyle while checking her watch.

"I'll just wait until she comes out." She said, answering Nadia's questioning look. To Nadia's great relief Andromeda who looked deeply annoyed came out with two simpering glossy haired girls. Rose, still looking suspiciously at Nadia, took Andromeda's arm and walked off leaving the two cousins chatting to the disgruntled Elsie.

"Listen Nadia after all our hard work we're going to meet Angelina and her gang tonight at midnight in the room of requirement." Whispered Nia eagerly

Nadia almost squealed. Like Nia she loved revenge. "It's glorious, it makes people pay what they deserve, it gives satisfaction." She thought gleefully planning her late night escape.

"I'll be there" She answered.


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