First Years: Bitter Arguments

This book is set in Hogwarts. Written By Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Thank you, Luna, for doing half of the work! Please read, and review! Just owl Andromeda, or Luna, who has a profile with the Ravenclaw crest.

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Stinging Truth

Chapter 8

Nia smiled and thanked her politely

"Yes, probably. Angelina seems the type who doesn't stand for others taking control." Nia answered, scowling. Nia was always the bossier of her and Nadia and finding someone more powerful than Nia herself was difficult for her.

"I'm quite scared of her actually." Admitted Aaliyah

Nia didn't blame her.

 "You know," Aaliyah said suddenly, "At Durmstrang," she looked around, making sure no one was there, then continued "We had Parkinson there. Royelle Parkinson. They are sisters, do you know? Every bit as terrifying. But...Royelle wasn't bossy, in fact, she had hundreds of admirers but she would always let others lead, when she would step in the hardest times. I gather, you don't like people bossing you about?" Aaliyah asked, smiling slightly. Nia chuckled

"No, I don't really.”

They got into bed and Aaliyah went straight to sleep but Nia stayed awake, waiting for Nadia. Not many minutes later Nadia came in and crept into bed with Zosia tagging behind. Nia heard Nadia sigh all night and turn around in bed.

Well, thought Nia She was always a timid little thing and being in Angelinas gang must be slightly intimidating. She did not know the weight that the slim shoulders were carrying.


Andromeda woke up and went to breakfast, not aware of any Army's or something like that. Rose tagged along behind her, shy and timid as usual. They saw Nadia sitting at the breakfast table and waved to her. Nadia smiled back and waved relieved. After her close run-ins with Rose she wasn't sure how the day would go. Thankfully she walked down the hall to the two girls.

"Hello Rose, hello Andromeda!" Cried Nadia smiling until it seemed painful. It was.


Nia with a huge contented sigh strided into the great hall. She felt as though she could give even Andromeda a friendly look! She then kicked herself and hissed to herself.

"Giving Andromeda a friendly look? What would Willow and Angelina think?"

Just so she could stop kicking herself she scanned the hall for Andromeda so she could glare at her. Then she spotted Andromeda, Rose and Nadia and glared in their direction. Then she froze. Nadia looked glad! Nadia was either too good at acting or was she genuinely happy in their company?


Aaliyah was watching Nadia out of the corner of her eye, occasionally flickering back and forth from her food. She felt that she thought that betraying was going on. Once she saw that Nadia looked positively happy, she knew that she had to talk to her. Alone. So, after Nadia went to get her spell books from the common room, Aaliyah caught up with her. She looked around the room, making sure no one heard and then said in a low whisper:

"Nadia, please be honest with me. You seemed so happy with Andromeda and Rose." Her expression was hard, but soft at the same time, as if understanding exactly what Nadia felt. Nadia twitched. It was true. Spending so much time with Andromeda her scorn of evil was beginning to rub off on Nadia herself.

"The truth is I'm going to be late for Charms!" She snapped feeling sick at heart as she did. Quickly Nadia scurried off leaving the sympathetic Aaliyah behind. Aaliyah felt close to tears. She had hoped that Nadia could confess, so that she could as well. She never truly hated Andromeda and was beginning to find the gang too evil for words. She didn't know what to do. She had lost her chance. She could talk to Rose, but she wanted someone on her side before she did. 


Nadia sat in class truly ill. She could have told Aaliyah - had a friend who understood. Now she only had one thing left to do. Tell Rose. Nadia finished Charms with a lighter mood and rehearsed her words until she was word perfect. She caught Rose at the end of class and begged.

"I'm getting caught in evil stuff with Nia, Willow, Aaliyah, Zosia and Angelina. Please help!" Rose blinked.

"Getting caught in evil stuff? What do you mean? Did Nia do something evil to you?" Rose asked, her eyes wide and furious. She did not guess what was happening. 

"No... Nia wanted me to do the evil stuff." Nadia murmured, eyes cast down to the floor and shuffling her feet shiftily "She wanted me to do an Alicia to you and Andromeda." 

"And you.....refused, then, I gathered, so she did something mean to you? Nadia, I'll help you to get revenge if you need to, don't worry.'' Rose said, somewhat determinedly. Nadia felt sick at heart as Rose said that, it felt like it was bleeding non-stop. 

"No. I agreed. But I find it too evil to think about now. I scorn evil now I swear. I'm too much of a coward to tell Andromeda just don't give me up! Please Rose!" 

"You...agreed." Rose's face was blank and impossible to read. For several moments, Rose stood in silence. Then, after looking at Nadia's pleading expression, she gave in.

"Nadia, I trusted you. You must understand that even if the wound will heal, scars will always be left. But, Nadia, I liked you, this is the only reason that I'm letting you back in, rather graciously than I should. But there are conditions," Rose paused, "I'm sorry, but Andromeda is my friend, and I hate to think of what will happen now. But, first, you will have to tell her what happened, much as I don't want to cause you suffering, I'm sure that you will learn that "It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, and just enough courage to stand up to your friends." So, I'll give you a tip: Andromeda is not sorted into Gryffindor for nothing. She has a fiery temper and when you confess - If you do - then she will shout or say things that she never meant. Just let her cool down and then she will come back, she will. She still has the heart of a loyal lion. And then, we are in an interesting position. Did you know that Aaliyah confessed as well? She joined the good side. I am glad that you as well will. But she also is going to spy, and you may join her. Carry on as usual for I am a bit cowardly as well, And what Nia would say...." She looked up. Her eyes were downcast, disappointed yet happy. She waited for Nadia's response. Nadia stared at Rose, happy tears streaming down her face.

"You're too kind for me." She choked "I'll go find Andromeda I'll find her now! Oh dear, think of me!"

Nadia ran across the hall ignoring Snape's threats all the way to the girls bathroom where she found Andromeda.

"Andromeda!! Look, listen!" Cried Nadia

Andromeda smiled and turned. The whole story tumbled out and Nadia noticed Andromeda's face turning from welcoming to anger. Andromeda's hands began to shake and she pushed Nadia and ran out. At this time, Rose strolled in, accompanied by Aaliyah.

"Deary me, Andromeda's temper lifted again. Furious she was, I gathered? Don't worry, I can calm her down. But, you two, you must keep cover. That's important, then, " She whispered. "We will tell a teacher the whole story and then, they can come down and enter the meeting, to have proof. How's that?" Rose said, in such a quiet tone, that everyone had to lean in, to hear.

"Don't be caught with me, Nia is on the warpath, " She finished with a huge air of secrecy.


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