First Years: Bitter Arguments

This book is set in Hogwarts. Written By Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Thank you, Luna, for doing half of the work! Please read, and review! Just owl Andromeda, or Luna, who has a profile with the Ravenclaw crest.

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Painful Choices

Chapter 9

Nadia jumped

"No! You CANNOT tell a teacher!" She gasped "My sister would never in 10000 years forgive me! Calm Andromeda if you must but don't tell" Aaliyah was quiet.

"Nadia, you realize that Zosia is my sister? My twin sister? She won't ever speak to me again. I have to make my sacrifice. Perhaps we are different but I would rather have 3 true friends than one fake friend/sister. I was always overshadowed by her." She added in a shaky voice. Rose just observed the scene in her usual puzzling way.

"What do you propose we do then, Nadia?" She asked, not the tiniest bit angry or in an annoyed manner.

"You're a true friend. Remember, stay in the shadows and act cunningly. Find out the next meeting date." She said, 

"I will. I'll ask Nia and act all happy about it." Answered Nadia with a grimace. This would be difficult. Then she remembered Aaliyah's speech and didn't say a single complaint. If Aaliyah could do it, so could she.


"Hi Nia!" Grinned Nadia. They were of course alone and some time later they finally met.

"When are we meeting again?" Nia smiled at her "anticipation". She was getting worried.

"Tonight. 11. To sort out the details you know." Nadia nodded knowledgeably but inside she felt her insides squirming. When she tells Rose what will she do? 

Meeting tonight 11 to sort out the details. 

  • Nadia


Nadia pushed it into Rose's pocket. Rose read it with her face blank, masking her true emotions. She then caught up with Nadia alone, when they were passing in the corridor and sneakily slipped her a message. It said in neat, cursive writing: 


Great Work. Aaliyah Knows. You attend/W/Aliyah. Gather information. Action plan - after this.


She wrote this in a secret form, hoping that Nadia would understand. Meanwhile, Aaliyah was talking to Zosia, the same carefree self (Or what Zosia thought). Nadia sighed. Betraying her sister was harder than anyone could possibly imagine. Nadia came and sat with Zosia and Aaliyah.

"I can't wait for the meeting tonight can you?" Chatted Nadia happily though passing Aaliyah a knowing wink. 

“I know, right? We rocked it, the way we persuaded Parkinson! According to Nia, we will only be discussing details like meetings and actually begin to plan and do things on our next. I just hope that my eyes won’t look tired after going to bed so late for so many days in a row!” Zosia said, completely not seeing the wink or anything suspicious. Nadia laughed and secretly nudged Aaliyah who joined in rubbing her back.

"Yeah, hopefully Angelina will still want to be involved." Answered Aaliyah darkly. Zosia shuddered

"I can't imagine the state Nia would be in." The whole group chuckled at this comment.


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