First Year: Bitter Arguments

Written by Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Dive into the pages of this book and begin the journey or Rose, Andromeda, Nadia and Nia in their first year at Hogwarts. Betreyals and battles are on, the only question is - who will win?

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Chapter 1

“Detention, Miss Climate. Now, class is dismissed!” Rang Professor Snape’s cold voice through the dungeon as Andromeda Climate slumped off with her friend, Rose Quinsen near her.


“Andromeda, you’re an idiot. That trick was good, I dare say, but you’ll get more than detention if you don’t look out!” Rose said as they walked down the crowded corridor. 


“Hey Andromeda! Think you're so clever do you with your ridiculous whoopee cushions! Ha! The battle of punishing Snape is on! It’s just pathetic, that one.” Came the sneering voice of Nia Gristan as she pushed through the crowd. 


"Nia! You'll never manage to do that!" Whispered Nadia eyes alarmed and wide. Nia quelled her with a single look and turned to face Andromeda with challenging eyebrows. Nia and Andromeda both had nasty tempers and were not nice when they argued. Their eyes locked for a moment but Andromeda’s brain was already ready with a sharp retort.


"Really? Think you're clever when you hunch back every class of Snape's? Coward, I call you. Never talk to me in that scandalized tone! Nadia, you might want to hang around with people who are not so mean." Andromeda raised one of her pretty eyebrows and shook her curls. Meanwhile, Rose and Nadia exchanged painful expressions and struggled to calm their leaders. Nadia blushed as Andromeda said the last sentence and began to think. Why did she hang around with Nia? Well, that’s easy, her brain answered, I do that because she is my sister. But is that enough? The thought suddenly struck her. Whilst Nadia was debating Nia was shouting. Loudly.


"Coward?! And how DARE you hint to me I'm not a good friend and Sister to Nadia! OH Alright Then Let's see who's the true coward! Competition to give Snape the most hell is the decider!” She screamed. 


"You think I have time to play your childish competitions?" Flared up Andromeda. "And I'm not hinting. I'm stating the truth. Since we were children you kept being spiteful to me! I suppose it's just unlucky that we live on the same street in the muggle world." Andromeda looked livid and angry while Rose soothed her and told her to go to bed. After she had stomped off, Rose asked timidly.


"Could I talk to you in private, Nadia?" But Nia was quick to retort.


Before Nadia could reply Nia grabbed Rose and spat


"Do you think I'd let a friend of Andromeda go anywhere with MY sister!?" Nadia sat down head in her knees as Nia continued to scream. After several minutes Nadia yelled


"Okay That's enough Nia go to bed, you're tired and so am I. I'm going to the toilet I will catch you up after!"


Everyone stared at Nadia shocked. Then Nia stormed of still ranting and Rose began to walk away


"Wait, I'll talk, I don't really need the toilet!" Nadia whispered. Rose nodded. She gave Nia a disgusted look before saying


"Turns out, Andromeda was right. I always tried to see the good in you but it turns out that I can't even talk normally to you. I like Andromeda. If you must know, she was very kind to me on the train and shared her food when I was and am poor." With that, the solemn girl walked after Nadia and secretly came into the toilet room. Rose made sure that no one was listening before saying.


"Hi Nadia. All I wanted to say was that if you ever want to...have hang out with....please do come....but I understand, you are sisters, you probably are close, but if you do want to sometimes hang out..." her voice trailed off as she looked at Nadia hopefully. Nadia laughed.


“We aren't even close! She only sticks up for me on mothers orders. I've read her owls. Apparently my mother believes that I'm just too nervous to talk to people and if Nia wasn't here I'd be alone anyway I suppose she's right. But I wish she wasn't." Nadia sighed. Rose looked sympathetically at the girl in front of her but the door suddenly creaked open. Nia Gristan stood there, her eyes wide with disbelief and torso trembling in anger.


"So have you been having a nice chat with ANDROMEDA'S BEST FRIEND." She bellowed accusingly and pointed a shaking finger at Rose. She hunched back, terrified. Unluckily for Nia, Professor McGonagall happened to be just around the corner and she transformed from a cat and called.


"Who's there?"


Nobody needed to shout “RUN”; They did it automatically and ran like the wind back to their dormitories. Nadia lay staring at the ceiling wondering what Nia would do tomorrow.


"She's so unpredictable!" Thought Nadia angrily "For goodness sake it doesn't concern her who I talk to! And she was listening behind the door! That's just sneaky!"


Nadia knew what she had to do. With a heavy heart, she heaved herself out of bed and went to talk to Nia.


"Nia! Hey Nia" Nadia whispered into Nia's ear, prodding her gently.


"What!" Snapped Nia


"Nia.... I'm going to go around with Rose now if you don't mind."


"You ungrateful sneaky swine!" Hissed Nia spitefully "Go on then make friends with Andromeda too you traitor." Nadia, close to tears, whispered back "Maybe I will!". While that was happening, Andromeda lay in the Gryffindor dorm, shaking with anger. Three girls didn’t sleep well that bitterly cold night, but it wasn’t the breeze that swept down the castle that caused it.


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