First Year: Bitter Arguments

Written by Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Dive into the pages of this book and begin the journey or Rose, Andromeda, Nadia and Nia in their first year at Hogwarts. Betreyals and battles are on, the only question is - who will win?

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The Desicion

Chapter 10










Aaliyah and Nadia departed together, with Zosia and Nia. They walked into the room and found Angelina and her gang sitting at the table. Angelina stood up and thought.

"I need a judge's hammer."

A hammer formed out of mid air and Angelina grabbed it banging on the table. Silence fell upon them.

"The meeting has begun." Said Angelina, her clear voice ringing in the silent chamber. She began talking in no hurry, making sure that the attention was the usual - stiffened.

 "First things first, I suggest that we vote our positions. For example, the people who will be patrolling around the incident if we need that. Then, we will need regular people spying or just looking at all the movement for the two girls and jobs like that. However, we will discuss the more "action" plans for the next meeting which I propose to be on Wednesday 13:00 AM, which I hope that all of you will come - or else you have a good excuse. Then, I suggest that we have some people who will be spying much more intensely, using a Dissolution Charm that I or Aries, " She indicated to the girl sitting next to her. " - Will be able to perform. To business. What jobs do you all wish to apply for?" Angelina commanded, gifted with being able to silence a room.

"I'll take the spy job!" Said Aaliyah and Nadia together

Angelina raised her eyebrows. Then she took charge again.

"Which one?" She asked pompously

"Not the intense," Nadia answered. Aaliyah nodded

"Well yes me and Aries and Valdis maybe Willow should do that." Angelina said nodding

Willow puffed out her chest proudly

"And rest can do whatever they think is helpful." She finished striding out the room. The rest didn't look pleased but nobody argued and walked out the room after her. No one argued with Angelina Parkinson.


Next morning, Rose, unaware of anything happening came down with Andromeda who looked ashamed. 

“Sorry, Nadia, I was very angry. It was very brave of you to admit that. I'll take it all back.” Andromeda said.

 "Traumatizing. Aries, Valdis, Angelina and Willow will be tailing us under the disillusion Charm." Nadia answered. Rose gasped. She saw that the gang were all eating, so she said hurriedly.

"Then we can't talk - only in the mornings. When we see them." Rose looked as if she was about to faint. Nadia turned and smiled weakly in relief

"It's fine. I was stupid you had a right to storm."

Nadia replied

She then dived into explaining what happened in the evening and stopped waiting. Andromeda looked furious.

"This is getting out of hand....Honestly....." She muttered, more to herself. 

“Andromeda I know. I really think we should explain to Professor Dumbledore." Said Nadia quietly. She thought she knew her reply.

"You know....we should. Tell him the date of the next meeting and tell him. When shall we go?" Rose said. Nadia said with a determined glaze in her eyes



Rose almost toppled back with shock. But, building up her courage, she marched down the hall. Behind her, an equally determined Nadia and Andromeda followed. Aaliyah had siddled off as soon as she heard the plan, not to look suspicious. They came to the gargoyle. Aaliyah said confidently

“Chocolate Frogs!” And the door creaked open.

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