First Year: Bitter Arguments

Written by Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Dive into the pages of this book and begin the journey or Rose, Andromeda, Nadia and Nia in their first year at Hogwarts. Betreyals and battles are on, the only question is - who will win?

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Chapter 4




While that was all happening, at the same time, Nia and Willow were enjoying a good gossip about the three girls. Especially Andromeda.

"Willow, Andromeda, as much as I hate to admit it will catch you out, sadly she's quite clever as is Nadia. If we're going to get out of here we are going to need someone sly and shrewd. We need Angelina Parkinson'' Smiled Nia, grinning at the prospect of such a powerful person on their side "And we'll get her today." She added determinedly. Willow’s eyes brightened and now made you think of dark tunnels with faint torches lit. 

"Oh, Angelina Parkinson is going to do it well. You heard what she did to Alicia right? Expelled in two days straight. But she has a gang with her. It's Aries Lestrange, Susan Yaxley, Valdis Dolohav and Alexandria Rowle. They always tail around her, and are witty enough. Let's get her crew as well, this will be the Anti-Andromeda Army! How about that?" Willow said excitedly. She launched into a daydream of getting her enemy into so much trouble.

 "Yes! I always liked Aries and Susan! Though you must admit Alicia was always a little bit strange nobody trusted her not even Dumbledore." Agreed Nia " And the Anti-Andromeda Army is even an alliteration! It's like Andromeda was made to have enemies!"

Nia felt a spark of energy race up her veins. She could persuade Angelina any day, Andromeda, Rose and Nadia have it coming! 


"Well, Nia, I suggest we go down to Angelina soon. What do you think? If we send her a note to meet us somewhere, she will probably start cursing us the moment she hears footsteps. Never trusts people, Angelina does. But you seem very good at talking, I'm sure that we will have Parkinson with us in no time!" She smiled at Nia. Nia looked positively delighted at being praised. 

"Willow I don't think even my great gift of persuasion could attract Angelina. After some thinking I came to the conclusion we've got to gain the trust of her sidekicks before Angelina herself. Now this plan guarantees success." Explained Nia with an evil glint in her eye. 

“Oooh! Manipulating…”Willow said, her face indescribably evil and the look villians wear in childish cartoons when they are about to perform the deadly curse….

"The room of requirement is that the room where you ask the wall to do anything and it will do it? The house elves have mentioned it to me before after some persuasion." Nias eyes shone as she thought of all the possibilities. They could lock the trio in, they could do...... Anything.


At lunchtime, Nadia came up to Andromeda and Rose, determined to fool even a pair of clever girls. 

“Oh Hi girls!” She exclaimed cheerfully at the sight of the two people in front of her. “Sorry I ran off as I said I was trying to find out any new facts about whatever Willow and Nia are plotting. Sadly as soon as they saw me around they um....... used muffliato I've only just managed to get the buzzing noise away" Said Nadia with a breezy smile. 

"Anyway, really how did you acquire the talent of Parseltongue?" Nadia asked interested, ready to stall all the information to keep to tell Nia later on. Nadia was going to try to get information out of them, so long as she wasn’t going to be discovered.

 "I swear that Muffliato is only meant to be used in rooms....I'll triple check..." Andromeda frowned, not even knowing or suspecting something.

"I would hardly call it talent, Nadia. I was born with it because....well, the midwife wasn't a pleasant woman. It always scared everyone at my muggle school, it still does to people here and it's a bit hurtful to me. A girl wrote "Serpent Girl" and "Murderer" on my bags with a black marker...everlasting ink. It's ridiculous, how people get accused and can't be friends because of these stereotypical reasons. Glad to have you as my friend." Rose said as her soft brown eyes looked more like a lost puppy's ones and her hand shaked slightly as she took some bread and buttered it.

"Shame about the lack of information," Rose sighed heavily and looked mournful. Andromeda was still lost in thought about the book she read. Nadia sighed. She knew she mustn't begin to like these girls after all she was fighting against them. Then she remembered Elsie. Elsie was Andromeda's cousin and just a couple of days ago cornered her and bullied her to her heart's content. Nadia refilled with bitterness and any liking for the two girls vanished in an instant. After all, Andromeda did call Nia a coward.

"Yes." Sighed Nadia "I wish I could have blocked the spell."

She smiled a secretive smile. 


Elsie had a frightful temper but she also was just as sharp and witty as her daring cousin. She guessed much more than the girls did!







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