First Year: Bitter Arguments

Written by Andromeda Riddle and Luna Stars. Dive into the pages of this book and begin the journey or Rose, Andromeda, Nadia and Nia in their first year at Hogwarts. Betreyals and battles are on, the only question is - who will win?

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Chapter 7







Zosia and Aaliyah stood in front of the Room of Requirement and waited for the girls to come. It was pitch black and made Aaliyah shiver slightly. Nia, Willow and Nadia chuckling crept out the dormitory and into the hall.

" Right, " hissed Nia, taking charge. "You know the plan. Straight to the Room of Requirement and remember to be quiet!"

Nadia nervous, Nia excited, Zosia and Aaliyah giggling and Willow determined.

"Left turn no into the room of requirement." Mumered Nadia. They paced the corridor 5 times and the magical door appeared.

"I want a room that holds Angelina and her gang!" Muttered Willow.

The door with a short CREAK opened...And there stood a black silhouette by the fire-place, with several girls roaming around the room.

"Thought you might be late." Angelina's voice rang through the room. Zosia shut the door quietly and wished for a table to hold everyone. It conjured out of thin air and everyone took a seat. Aries and Valdis sat on either side of Angelina, determined not to leave her. Zosia’s eyes shone in the darkness. 

" No, No" Replied Nia, fixing a dazzling smile "We're very punctual you know -  never late, never forget."

Willow and Nadia grinned in relief at Nia. Thank goodness she's good with words and flattery though with Angelina it doesn't seem to get very far with her.

" Well then." Angelina stared expectantly at the trio "What do you require that is so important we must meet in the darkest hours?"

Nia bristled. Being so dominant herself being spoken at in that tone made her angry. Nadia placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and she relaxed then with a thankful glance at Nadia, Nia answered confidently

" Well you see Angelina, as you are such a clever powerful young lady we just wondered if you could help get revenge."

The trio looked at her, hopefully secretly crossing their fingers, waiting. The room fell deadly silent, watching.

"Revenge..." said Angelina slowly. Aries raised her eyebrows, determined to hear more. Valdis was looking at all of them, she even seemed angry.

" I want to know that you truly are on our side. And dear me, if someone isn't.." Her voice cracked like a whip and Alexandria looked stunned. But Susan and Alexandria nodded, they wanted to do this.

"What does that require? And most importantly, who is it we are planning this on?" Angelina said, in the same patronizing tone. Nia felt her anger boiling up in her. She calmed down, remembering why she was doing this. Nia blinked then. The fact she used her natural charm to the limit to no effect temporarily stunned her. Then pulling herself back together she smiled prettily then answered

"Rose and Andromeda. You know, the horrid girls in our year."

Nadia squirmed uncomfortably. She knew what would happen if whatever Angelina or Nia or Willow had in mind fails. They will use force. They all have a flaming temper and if something goes wrong for them it's bad. Very bad. 

"Rose...." Angelina muttered but Susan burst in. "Ha, the Serpent girl? Always the one tailing with Andromeda? Ha, I'll be happy to punish her. What did Andromeda do to you?" Asked Susan eagerly. Angelina cut in,

"But...I'm confused. You must know that I'm not fooled easily. How come, we have Andromeda's cousins here and..." Angelina narrowed her eyes on Nadia "I saw you hanging about together..".

"Is it a trap?" a voice spoke. It was cold, harsh and unpleasant to hear. It belonged to Aries Lestrange. Nia's heart sank. She knew hidden away inside her it would be difficult to gain Angelinas's trust. To everyone's surprise the timid Nadia stepped in

"I was hanging around her because I was spying and these cousins are here because they don't like their cousins either." Nadia sighed. Nia's gloominess lifted and she heard Willow sigh which Aries heard. She gave her a piercing look which quickly made Willow recoil.

"Anyway, will you help us?" pleaded Nadia, her pretty blue eyes large and appealing. 

"We'll do it." Angelina had spoken. "In one condition. Can you promise to me that you will never go on to the "good" side?" Angelina asked, her voice sour and still a bit suspicious. Valdis gasped.

"The unbreakable vow?" She asked in ill-disgusted excitement. Angelina almost smiled, a smile that looked more like a smirk and she said.

"Ah, Valdis, few will mess about with us. I'll just do them an Alicia." Susan's eyes went wide.

"Both of you." Chimed in Aries maliciously. Nia nodded solemnly and replied

"No, I would never go over to the good side. There are too many people like Rose and Andromeda there." Answered Willow with a weak smile

Angelina flicked her hair and sauntered out the room leaving a seconds silence. Then everyone filed after her chatting. The meeting was successful.

Nadia instead of going to bed walked into the common room and slumped on the sofa. She wondered what she had got herself into. Meanwhile, Zosia crept after Nadia. She stood in silence after following Nadia. She entered the common room and said in a suspicious tone.

"You didn't promise." Nadia flushed scarlett. Then as quickly as it came the pinkness ebbed away. Why did she turn pink anyway? She wondered as she made her way up to the dorm room. I'm evil now.


Meanwhile, Aaliyah was sharing a dorm with Nia. She came up and smiled weakly to her.

"Have any idea of when our next meeting will be?" She asked. "I suppose we should as Angelina, she is surely going to provide it." Aaliyah said and began to get out her night things. She stumbled on a box of chocolate frogs and offered one to Nia.




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