Hogwarts Prophet #2

In the second issue of the Hogwarts Prophet, find out the mysterious friendship of Albus and Minerva - if you can call it one. Don't miss out the fantastic new logo competitions as well as photos of our beloved Maggie Smith.

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Logo Competition/Approval :)

Chapter 1

Well, well, well readers, pleasure. Like dear Hermione said, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Andromeda Riddle and I want to announce the competition that I am planning! For me, it is neccecery to have a logo or a special sign for the Hogwarts Prophet! Please do not worry, you have plenty of time do create one - I am giving you the time until the 20th August. I will choose the best logo and it will be part of the front cover that I create every time! The name of the perso will be annouced as well, in the Reader's Reviews section. May I quickely remind you, that I am truly touched when someone sends me an owl about the magazine that...I feel so grateful and happy that people are reading this! Yes, I did notice the 35+ reviews and I am pleased. If you wish to get a subscription, owl me and you will get the new issue's posted every time! Now, here is a twist, to make this article fun! Here are the reviews of Harry Potter characters and what they think!

"Now, may I have my name as part of it? Or else, my father will hear about it." Draco Malfoy

"Please remember that it musn't have chipmunks like Granger on it, will you?" Pansy Parkinson

"Hem, hem, where is the Ministry approval of this?" Dolores Umbridge

"The due date should be closer! SOME people manage their homework quicker so we don't have to wait." Hermione Granger and Cedric Diggory



P.S. The bet website to use is Canva.

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