Hogwarts Prophet #4

Onto Issue 4 now! I see that some of you might have lost hope that I am doing this :) So, today, I want you to explore Sirius Black and his qualities! Don't forget to check out some news on the Golden Gala. Also, I am super happy that some other issues are 99+ reviewed! Thank you all so much!

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Sirius - Black as he is painted?

Chapter 2


  1. Sirius Black and his friends originally chose to become animagi to support Lupin, who was struggling with his lycanthropy. Likely in keeping with his name, Sirius adopted the form of a dog, but his status as an unregistered animagus wouldn't help his already troubled image.

  2. Sirius Black tells Harry about his family while in Grimmauld Place, and it's a grim story. It's coupled with meeting a portrait of Walburga Black, who screams at Sirius repeatedly.

    Sirius says he ran away when he was a teenager, and, although he doesn't go into much detail about his childhood or home life, it's heavily implied he was neglected and abused for the fact that he chose not to involve himself in Pure-blood mania and biases.

  3. Potterheads certainly won't hate Sirius Black for his appearance; after spending years in one of the wizarding world's most infamous prisons, that just wouldn't be fair. Yet, given his utterly ragged appearance throughout most of The Prisoner of Azkaban, it's not hard to understand why some in the wizarding community would hate him.

    Worn and disheveled in both his human and animagus forms, Sirius certainly doesn't make a great first impression. Part of the hatred for him likely stems from his coverage in The Daily Prophet, but, tattooed and tattered, he lives up to his infamy at first glance.

  4. In the book, there's a scene that takes place before readers know he's innocent where Black tears into the Gryffindor Common Room with a knife. It's presumed that he's looking for Harry and that he is endangering other students in his quest to find and kill his godson.

    It puts the whole school on edge, and, as no one knows exactly how he broke in, it's a slightly terrifying moment. He seems like the real villain of the book; after all, why else would he break in with a weapon?

  5. Sirius Black often unnecessarily risks his life, and fans got angry with him because Harry needs him. He insists on accompanying Harry to the train station while disguised in dog form—and doesn't behave much like a dog, giving himself to Lucius Malfoy—and other excursions because he's restless.

    It might be understandable, but it's hard not to wish he had more regard for his own life.


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