The Hogwarts Phones (Book 1)

Imagine everyone got phones from the Harry Potter series! Read on to look at the school chat, instagram accounts and posts from the fandom! And, want to join the fun? Read on to find out!

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Hermione's Instagram

Chapter 3

@Hogwarts_is_felix (HERMIONE GRANGER)

House: Gryffindor

Likes: 2

Followers: 4 (@Turn_to_page_number_Cedric, @Boy_who_lived, @Weasley_is_our_king, @Ginger_bat)

Following: 3 (@Boy_who_lived, @Weasley_is_our_king, @Ginger_Bat)



@Hogwarts_is_felix - Hey all! I’m Hermione, pleasure to meet all of you! I’m part of the Golden Trio and am a proud muggle-born.

@Turn_to_page_number_Cedric - Hi Hermione. Glad to meet you.

@Boy_who_lived - Hey Hermione! How is it?

@Hogwarts_is_felix - Harry, Cedric! Hi both! How are you? I am really good. I just finished reading a really informative book.


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