Mama Val's Quick Remedies

This book was first penned in 1973 by Valencia "Mama Val" Curtis, an employee of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries from 1946 until her death in 1979. She was a well-beloved nurse and then healer who was known for her enthusiasm and the great care she took with her patients. This recipe book has been reprinted three times by the publisher Mervin's Medicinal Ministrations, LLC. The latest edition was printed in 2003, and included updated recipes and corrections.

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Antidote To Common Poisons

Chapter 17
Antidote to Common Poisons

Estimated Brewing Time:

Pewter cauldron: 50 minutes
Brass cauldron: 45 minutes
Copper cauldron: 42 minutes


One (1) liter of water
One (1)bezoar1
Forty-five (45) ml essence of dittany2
Thirty (30) grams of ginger2
Fifteen (15) grams unicorn horn1
Two (2) mistletoe berries1
Two (2) sprigs of lavender3
Fifteen (15) ml Flobberworm mucus3


Part One:

  1. Bring 500 ml of water to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).

  2. Add the bezoar to your mortar, and crush it to a fine, even consistency.

  3. Add 30 grams of the crushed bezoar to the cauldron. Reserve the rest in your mortar.

  4. Add 45 ml of essence of dittany and 30 grams of ginger to your cauldron.

  5. Bring the heat up to 383 Kelvin (110°C/230°F) for 15 seconds, and then reduce heat again to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).

  6. Add 30 additional grams of the crushed bezoar to the cauldron.

  7. Stir once counter-clockwise.

  8. Leave the potion to brew in your pewter cauldron for 25 minutes (this would be 22 minutes in a brass cauldron and 20 minutes in a copper cauldron).

The potion will appear a medium-grey at this point with gold flecks. It will likely smell a bit like musty bread or mothballs.

Part Two:

  1. Add remaining 500 ml of water to the cauldron.

  2. Add 15 grams of unicorn hair.

  3. Stir twice clockwise.

  4. Add two mistletoe berries.

  5. Bring the heat up to 383 Kelvin (110°C/230°F) for 25 seconds, and then reduce heat again to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).

  6. Add two sprigs of lavender.

  7. Stir once counter-clockwise.

  8. Leave the potion to brew in your pewter cauldron for 15 minutes (this would be 13 minutes in a brass cauldron and 12 minutes in a copper cauldron).

  9. Remove the cauldron from the heat entirely and leave it to cool for five minutes.

  10. Add 15 ml of Flobberworm mucus to the potion and stir it with a wooden spoon until it reaches an even consistency before siphoning it into your phial.

At the end of brewing, the potion will be a dark teal in color and should have a sharp mustard smell and taste. It may emit gold sparks as it cools: this is natural.

To Store:

The Antidote to Common Poisons should be stored in a slightly warm environment. The amount of light does not affect its efficacy. The potion can be stored up to eight months before it must be safely disposed of and rebrewed or purchased.

To Use:

About 90 milliliters or three ounces should be used when the potion is ingested. Any less and the potion may be ineffective. Taking too much of this antidote is not necessarily dangerous, although consuming too much can cause some minor side effects owing to the inclusion of mistletoe berries. When using the potion topically, it should be applied to the bite or site of injury. Just enough should be used to cover the impacted area. Following application of the antidote and confirmation that it has alleviated the issue, the area should be cleaned and tended as any typical wound.


The potion should begin to alleviate symptoms of mild to moderate mundane poisoning within approximately five minutes of being ingested or applied to the site of a bite. Swelling should also begin to go down at this point, and redness or inflammation should disappear. Ingesting a greater amount of this potion than advised should not have serious side effects, but may lead to nausea, dizziness, and low-grade fever. Allergic reactions to this potion are rare, but in some cases, may cause light red rashes with itchy bumps when applied topically as well as mild trouble breathing and increased heart rate when ingested. These side effects should not be severe, but a healer should still be consulted if they appear after ingesting or using the potion.


The Antidote to Common Poisons is safe for children, elderly, those with mild immune system dysfunctions, and chronic disease. It is also thought safe for pregnant women in moderation, but most healers advise using only in rather sparing cases, as the mistletoe berries - even brewed in the potion - are not thought to be entirely safe to consume while pregnant. If symptoms of poisoning do not abate within five minutes, it is recommended that a healer or medical professional be consulted.

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