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This book was first penned in 1973 by Valencia "Mama Val" Curtis, an employee of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries from 1946 until her death in 1979. She was a well-beloved nurse and then healer who was known for her enthusiasm and the great care she took with her patients. This recipe book has been reprinted three times by the publisher Mervin's Medicinal Ministrations, LLC. The latest edition was printed in 2003, and included updated recipes and corrections.

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Cramping Concoction

Chapter 4

Cramping Concoction

Estimated Brewing Time:
Pewter cauldron: 20 minutes
Brass cauldron: 19 minutes
Copper cauldron: 18 minutes

Five hundred (500) ml water
Three (3) tablespoons dried camomileOne (1)
Four (4) dried cockroaches2
One (1) tablespoon powdered moonstone1
Three (3) peppermint sprigs2
Three (3) tablespoons dried green tea3
Fifteen (15) ml Flobberworm mucus3


  1. Bring 500 ml of water to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).

  2. Add three tablespoons of dried chamomile to the cauldron.

  3. Add two whole dried cockroaches to the cauldron

  4. Add one tablespoon of powdered moonstone to the cauldron. Note: the cauldron will steam heavily at this point. This is natural!

  5. Stir twice counter clockwise.

  6. Bring the heat up to 383 Kelvin (110°C/230°F) for 20 seconds, and then reduce heat again to 363 Kelvin

  7. Before proceeding, take the other two dried cockroaches and put them into your mortar. Crush them into a fine powder with your pestle.

  8. Add three peppermint sprigs to the cauldron.

  9. Add one and a half tablespoons of the crushed cockroach to the cauldron.

  10. Stir thrice clockwise.

  11. Bring the heat up to 383 Kelvin (110°C/230°F) for forty seconds, and then reduce heat again to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).

  12. Add three tablespoons of dried green tea leaves to the cauldron.

  13. Leave potion to brew in your pewter cauldron for ten minutes (this would be nine minutes in a brass cauldron and eight minutes in a copper cauldron).

  14. Remove the potion from the heat entirely and allow it to cool for ten minutes.

  15. Add 15 ml of Flobberworm mucus to thicken, and stir with a non-magical utensil until it is an even substance that can then be siphoned into your phial and stored.

The potion will come out a pale lavender in color, and will smell and taste a little like dried grass or wheat. The potion should mature for three days before consumption.

To Store:

The Cramping Concoction is best stored in a dark, warm environment. It should see as little light as possible, as too much light exposure can yield it ineffective. It can last for up to six months in a dark, warm environment. Consuming expired Cramping Concoction has been known to cause severe itching as well as uncontrolled trembling.

To Use:

This potion is sold commercially, and it can be bought over-the-counter (without a prescription). Approximately 15 ml (one tablespoon) of the cramping concoction should be consumed either directly or in a hot tea or other soothing beverage. It should not be taken more than three times in a twenty-four hour period, or else it can cause severe exhaustion and fatigue.


The cramping concoction works to loosen and reverse the severe muscle constriction associated with cramps. It relaxes the muscles in the body, and as such, can sometimes cause exhaustion as well as a lapse in hand-eye coordination, trouble walking, and other motor function issues. Those who take the Cramping Concoction for their cramps are advised not to do any vigorous activity or use any dangerous magical objects. The witch or wizard imbibing the potions should begin to feel an ease in the muscle that is cramping about 120 seconds after taking the potion.

Side effects also include dizziness, slight shortness of breath, and a slight ringing in the ears.

Allergic reactions are rare, but the most common are rashes around the site of the cramped muscle, difficulty breathing, and heart palpitations. If any of these happen, the patient should stop taking the Cramping Concoction and see a healer


Although this potion is deemed as safe for children as well as those who are pregnant, it is strongly advised that a consultation with a healer is had before use of the Cramping Concoction. Overdose of the potion can lead to extreme ringing in the ears and occasionally resulting deafness. Occasionally, the ringing has been audible even to those around the witch or wizard who overdosed. If an overdose occurs, please consult a healer immediately and stay away from any loud noises or particularly catchy music.

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