Mama Val's Quick Remedies

This book was first penned in 1973 by Valencia "Mama Val" Curtis, an employee of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries from 1946 until her death in 1979. She was a well-beloved nurse and then healer who was known for her enthusiasm and the great care she took with her patients. This recipe book has been reprinted three times by the publisher Mervin's Medicinal Ministrations, LLC. The latest edition was printed in 2003, and included updated recipes and corrections.

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Clotting Cordial

Chapter 6

Clotting Cordial

Estimated Brewing Time:
Pewter cauldron: 83 minutes
Brass cauldron: 74 minutes
Copper cauldron: 66 minutes

Five hundred (500) ml water
Fifteen (15) ml eel blood1
Thirty (30) ml bat blood2
Three (3) toadstools1
Four (4) Boom berries1
Three (3) dandelion roots1
Forty-five (45) grams dragon liver2
Forty-five (45) ml honey3
Sixty (60) ml Flobberworm mucus3


Part One:

  1. Bring 250 ml of water to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).

  2. While the water is coming to a simmer, dice the toadstools into cubes about one cm by one cm.

  3. Add 15 ml eel blood and 15 ml of bat blood to a small secondary bowl and stir it twice clockwise with your wand.

  4. Add the entirety of the mixed blood to the cauldron.

  5. Add two Boom berries to the cauldron.

  6. Add three dandelion roots to the cauldron.

  7. Stir the whole cauldron thrice counter-clockwise with your wand.

  8. Add the three diced toadstools to the cauldron.

  9. Bring the heat to 373 Kelvin (100°C/212°F), and let the cauldron brew until most of the water or moisture has boiled away. This will typically take between forty-five minutes and one hour.

Part Two:

  1. Reduce the heat back to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F) and add remaining 250 ml of water to the cauldron.

  2. Add 45 grams of dragon liver and wait for the cauldron to stop smoking after it’s added before continuing. Caution: If the brewer does not wait when the cauldron starts smoking after the dragon liver is added, the potion will turn a bright red and the cauldron will melt. If the potion comes in contact with the skin at this point, it will cause the joints to freeze.

  3. Add the remaining 15 ml of bat blood to the cauldron.

  4. Add two Boom berries to the cauldron.

  5. Stir twice clockwise with your wand.

  6. Bring the heat up to 383 Kelvin (110°C/230°F) for 15 seconds, and then reduce heat again to 363 Kelvin (90°C/194°F).

  7. Add 45 ml of honey to the cauldron.

  8. Leave potion to brew in your pewter cauldron for eight minutes (this would be seven minutes in a brass cauldron and six minutes in a copper cauldron).

  9. Remove the cauldron from the heat entirely and allow it to cool for five minutes.

  10. Add sixty ml of Flobberworm mucus to the potion and stir with your wooden spoon or non-magical stirring instrument until the potion is an even consistency before transferring it into a small jar.

The final potion will be a pale red and very thick in consistency. It still tastes relatively bitter and salty despite the added honey at the end; however, it should be palatable. Following brewing, the Clotting Cordial requires three months in a warm, dark environment to mature before it can be used or dispensed for patient usage.

To Store:

Store the Clotting Cordial in a hot, dark place. Exposure to either direct light for a long period of time or room temperatures and below will cause the cordial to harden and become unusable. The Clotting Cordial can store for up to four months before it becomes ineffective and must be safely discarded.

To Use:

The Clotting Cordial is a potion that should be taken daily by those with disabilities that prevent their bodies from clotting normally. This includes haemophilia and similar genetic disorders. Fifteen ml of the Clotting Cordial should be taken orally every day. If days are missed, the patient should not take double, triple, etc. the dose, but should instead resume 15 ml and be cautious not to sustain injury for the same number of days as was missed in dosage.

The potion should be taken each morning before breakfast, and the patient should not eat or drink anything for thirty minutes after swallowing the cordial. A prescription must be obtained in order to purchase at an apothecary, but this is the common commercial recipe for the Clotting Cordial.


The potion may cause jitteriness, increased inattention, and raised metabolism. However, it should not present any other side effects or exaggerated signs of its impact on the body as long as it is taken responsibly. The potion boosts protein Factor VIII and IX and supports retention of proper iron and calcium levels in the body. Those who take the potion may find that they lose a great deal of weight rapidly when they are first put on the cordial. However, their metabolism and eating habits should balance out shortly. It is wise to ask a Healer for a nutrition and food plan of some sort to prepare for this adjustment. In some cases, it has been known to cause a drastic increase in blood pressure.

Allergic reactions to the Clotting Cordial can be quite severe, including hemorrhaging through the ears and even cardiac arrest. For this reason, it is required that those who take it have a valid prescription from a healer, who must run allergy tests before dispensing the prescription. If any symptoms resembling any of these allergic reactions appear, the patient should consult with a healer immediately.


Owing to the aggressiveness of the potion, the Clotting Cordial is not yet approved for children under eight or those with heart disease, respiratory issues, or anyone who is pregnant or may become pregnant. As long as usage directions are followed, the cordial should not present problems. However, an over-dosage of the Clotting Cordial can lead to floating blood clots and a freezing of the blood, in some cases. This can occasionally
be remedied by a healer, but can occasionally prove fatal. If a patient thinks that he or she may have taken more than a recommended dose of the potion, it is crucial to contact a healer as soon as possible.

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