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Chapter 1

 HP/Muggle OCs


Xeno Weasley

Full Name: Xeno Jackson Weasley
Nickname: X, Weasley (To the Malfoys)
Age: 14/depends on rp
House: Gryffindor/depends on rp
Sexuality: Hetreosexual
Relationship status: Single
Relations: Ron Weasley(Father), Hermione Weasley (nee Granger)
Position: Beater
Sign: Leo


Artemis Fowl Ocs


Benjamin Fowl
Full Name: Benjamin Francis Fowl
Age: 16 (Depends on rp)
Occupation: The next Mastermind
Family: His father, Artemis and grandfather
Hates: Mostly Holly Short
Sexuality: Hetreosexual
[Just imagine him as a sixteen yer old, will ya?]
Mathew Pietro Short
Full name: Mathew Victor Short
Age: 15 (Depends on rp)
Occupation: LEP worker
Family, his mother, Holly, his sister, Maxine and unknown father
Hates: Mostly all the Fowls
Sexuality: Hetreosexual
Maxine Anna Short
Full name: Maxine Anna Short
Age: 14
Occupation: LEP Commander
Family: Her mother, brother and unknown father
Hates: Her older brother
Sexuality: Homosexual
Alex Rider OCs
Peter Rider
Full name: Peter Wolfgang Rider
Nicknames: Wolfie, Pete
Age: 14
Father: Alex Rider
Mother: Sabina Rider (Pleasure)
Sibling(s): Coral Rider (Older sister)
Gravity Falls OCs

Tristan Stardust Pines Northwest
Full name: Tristan Stardust Pines Northwest
Nickname: Stardust
Age: 15
Occupation: Paranoid
Sibling(s): Unknown
Muggle Ocs


Oliver Clearstone
Full Name: Oliver Bridger Clearstone
Nicknames: Bridger
Age: Depends on RP
Sexuality: Hetreosexual
Looks: TBD
Relationship: TBD
Dislikes doing: Watching Shakespeare stories
Marvel Ocs

Helix Quentin Parker

Full Name: Helix Quentin Parker
Nicknames: Heel, Quent
Alias: Antiquate Arcadian
Father: Spider-Man [Peter Parker]
ip Status: Single


Poppy Playtime Ocs


Lucas Neder [Player]

Full Name: Lucas Neder Honey
Nicknames: Luke
Alias: Player
Family: Unknown
Backstory: TBD

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