A book i wrote that doesn’t have a title but its good.

written by Silvie

Read this book i promise its great.

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Weird stuff-only chapter to read you will laugh

Chapter 1

Install the front door

[At night in Surrey, we see a dog walking down a street marked "Private Drive" and the camera pans to the same brick house across the street. As he ran, he saw an old man named Albus Dumbledore, dressed in red and with long gray hair, standing next to four snakes in the forest by the side of the road. Select Dumbledore and turn him on, then turn off the light. He pulled out his gun and Billy screamed. Dumbledore looked at the dog. ] East .


Dumbledore: If I knew you were here... Professor McGonagall.


[Billy leans against the wall and watches silently. The cat's butt turned into a clothed woman. The staircase and Minerva McGonagall appeared. ] East .


McCangle is good. Good evening, Professor Dumbledore. Is it a fact?


Dumbledore: I'm afraid, sir. There is good and bad


McCangle is good. After?


Dumbledore: Here Hagrid!


McCangle is good. Does Hagrid have reason to believe something strange?


Dumbledore: Oh my God, I will give my life to Hagrid.


[As the car drives away, the two teachers see a bicycle falling from the sky. Rubas attacked Hagrid and took the tall man's glasses. ] East .


Hagrid was a very handsome boy. Professor Dumbledore, please. Professor McGonagall.


Dumbledore: It's okay, Hagrid.


Hagrid: New master, the boys are sleeping on the Bristol plane. Hey, try to wake up! It's yourself.


(Hagrid hands Dumbledore a baby wrapped in a cradle.)


McCangle is good. Albus, do you think it's okay to hang out with these people? I see them all day. They are the worst bosses you can imagine. In fact I did.


Dumbledore: Relatives.


[Near student room 4.]


McGonagall is a good example. This man knows what to do. No child in the world knows his name.


Dumbledore was right. Good: Better to avoid them. Until you are done.


[Dumbledore puts the boy on the bed. Hagrid smiled slightly. Clean your mouth. ] East .


Dumbledore: Yes, Hagrid. Because it doesn't mean goodbye.


[Hagrid shakes his head. Dumbledore showed him the letter and placed it under the boy's door. ] East .


Dumbledore: Congratulations...Harry Potter!


[A cloud hits the child's face. The camera slowly moves to a bright spot and disappears into the dark sky. The camera is covered with a golden metal film and illuminated. Lightney goes back to the previous one and takes a screenshot. ] East .


Snow and ice

[A scream is heard as the camera pans over a sleeping Harry. Then the fire under the stairs before the office.]


Petunia: It's the key. Get up [the lion knocks on the door again] Yes! [Close the door and enter the room].

[Harry gets up, turns on the lights in the room, puts the mirror on the ceiling and cuts it in half. Dudley walked into the Dursley's office. And he went up and down the stairs. ] it is.

Seginter: Uncle, wake up!

[Harry sees the trees and destroyed houses on the platform. Dudley smiled as he walked into the kitchen. Harry tried to leave the bathroom but Dudley pushed him away. Petunia was in the kitchen when Dudley left the house. ] it is.

Petunia: Hey, it's my birthday!

Vernon: Thank you, my dear.

[When we see Petunia and Dudley. Harry put on his dirty clothes and walked into the kitchen. ] it is.

Petunia: (Harry gasps) Why don't you eat breakfast and something light?

Harry: Yes, Aunt Petunia.

[Harry goes to the bacon].

Petunia: Hope you have a special day, Dudley.

Vernon: (pushing Harry against the wall) Hurry! Bring me some coffee, my friend!

Harry: Yes, Uncle Vernon.

[Petunia enters Dudley's room full of presents. Dudin said with a smile. ] it is.

Petunia: Honey, okay?

Dudley: What a lot?

Vernon: I am 36 years old. I weighed myself.

Let's say: 36 years? But last year I turned 27 years old!

Vernon: Good guy.

Say: It doesn't matter!

Petunia: (me) Yes, please. Give only 2 more gifts. What is the name of the herb?

[He left home this morning. Hope for his family can drive him away. ] it is.

Petunia: It's a beautiful day in the garden. I do

[Harry goes to the car, but Vernon stops and shows him the keys].

Vernon: I woke up my son. It's amazing that I haven't eaten in a week.

Enter the World Pass family door. ] it is.

Say: Go.

[Vernor looks at the wall in the mirror. ] it is.

Vernon: Come on!

[Dudley violently shakes Vemon's stunned glass].

Play: act!

Harry: Go to sleep!

Dudley: Very well.

[Dudley goes to school with his parents. Harry was sitting with the snake. ] it is.

Harry: I'm sorry. They do not know how to sleep with an ugly face every day. ] see? I spoke to the serpent. Did I say too much? Are you Burmese? Think about what your family (the snake is called the symbol of Kivohem) will be like. I don't know my parents.

[Dudley's voice is shocked. He took the cup and sat down next to Harry. ] it is.


Let me say: Mom and Dad have arrived! You won't believe what the snake is doing here!

[Dudley reaches the glass wall. Harry crossed his arms. Suddenly the blade stopped and Dudley fell, losing his balance. ] it is.

Dali: Yes! Eyes! Hello!!

[ Dudley the snake falls into the water in the pool. Harry laughed at what he saw. A snake came out of the curtain and stood next to Harry. ] it is.


Snake: Thank you.

Harry: Always.

[life list]

Man: Snake!

[A strange sound is heard as the snake escapes. Dudley agrees, but Glass returns to school. He broke the glass. ] it is.

Dooley: Where is your mother?

Petunia: (coming down from the party) Oh!

Say: Mother, help me! Help him!

Petunia: Why is my beautiful daughter here? ! What is Dudley or Dudley?

[Harry looks at Vernon, laughing and crying.] Harry laughs, noticing that he and Vernon are struggling. ] it is.


I don't have a ticket

Enter Petunia and Dudley for the Dursleys.]

Petunia: (hesitantly reassuring Dudley) Yes, it's okay honey.

[Harry and Vern enter the room. Vernon closed the door, opened his legs and pinned Harry against the wall.]

Harry - Yes!

Varun: What's going on?

Harry: I swear I don't know! [Vernon laughs] A moment later the glass was gone.

(Vernon smiled and pushed Harry into the cupboard under the stairs and opened the door)

Vernon: No magic! [The door.

[Fly watches TV on ceiling].

(other versions are possible)


(Camera pans slowly towards me, Dudley instinctively laughs).


Patandar: Yes! He laughed too. (The man looks surprised.) Vernon, look, I can't believe it. I go to the factory every day

Vernon: Raising Samlton was the proudest moment of my life

Power: Can we turn it around?

(turns to Harry).


Petunia: Who are you? Want to see something great? [Harry shakes his head].

Vernon: Yeah, yeah.

[lovely laughter].


Petunia: Don't worry. Go to the local public school [go to the kitchen and retrieve the white cloth from the grave] Put it on while painting.

Harry: But I like the old Dudley Sam bag.

Petunia: A well written book [Harry walks down the hall

(regular audit).


[Harry gets up from his chair and goes to his room to find a piece of paper with a name and address on it. Uncle Vernon and Dudley sit at the table while Aunt Petunia makes coffee. Harry writes in a notebook and Brother Vernon says he gave him the book. .] said.


Vernon: [reading the comment] Oh, he's not well. Eat a variety of vegetables

[Doodle looks at Harry's book and runs to his father].


Dudley: Listen, boy! Harry has a book

Harry - Hey! This is my plan

Varun: Who taught you?

[The family gathers to see where he is. There is no money in the book, Harry threatens the girl and her family, and then a bird flies into the paper and destroys it. Suddenly Harry heard a voice from his office. She opens the mailbox and sees Vernon in the bathroom.]


Vernon: Voicemail not sent.

[Harry closes the cupboard door. The next morning, Vernon answers Petunia's door, Vernon prepares to leave and kisses Petunia on the cheek.]


Petunia: Send him to the office

(He stops, turns and looks at the lake).


Vernon: Yeah, come on!

[Takes Vernon's hand to make Harry obey and shows him something to write on].


(other versions are possible)


[She puts petunias in a bag and ties it, one disappears, and another comes with a leaf, so candy, but I look at the leaf and hear the birds singing. I looked out the window and saw the dragons sitting on the bed and Petunia screamed and ran away.]


(regular audit).


[Vernon then throws the book into the fire, Harry looks around the corner and Vernon laughs. The show continues until the morning when Harry bakes a cake and gathers his family.]


Vernon: I think the best day of the week is Sunday, what day is it, Dudley?

Harry: (Dudley walks in and Harry doesn't answer until Vernon gets the cookie) Why are there no messages on Sunday?

Vernon: Yeah, you said you hadn't heard from Harry since last week. No diary to fill out, no boss, no blood tests [Harry looks out the window, millions of flies] Nothing serious, nothing sick.

[As Vernon speaks, a piece of paper falls from the fire, hitting Vernon in the face and crushing him. Panic spread and hundreds of books were burned.


Varun: Ah!

Harry: This is my book! Stop me!

[A tree falls on a mailbox with the force of a letter].


Vernon: Yes! You are lost! It's not the same! How did they remember us?

Dudley: Aren't you crazy?

[Petunia is surprised that she knows Dudley is human.]



[God, focused on storm worship. ...RW for authorized, 12:0].


H.: (H. 1999).

[There is a special election. He loves Phuket. - - East


Confidence: Cooked? The words of R. Kip

[April 2019/01/2010). Dwehiraje and Dwehiraje. ] East .


HD. [Grape Oath].

- You have to get it.

[Whether " "


National University of Dhwehirajje RW [and Pondicherry. HA) is. of organs.

Offer: Make an offer.

[Harry grunts].


The date of the words is given. Licence:


"." East .


The date of the words is given. Answer me!

- East



- East

- ... - East.

The date of the words is given. be published

National University of Dhaka -.

The date of the words is given. Get a stick


[Request to send].


The date of the words is given. SONG

Dhaka National University - Petition against Musa.

Translation: My love, you are a critic. ... ... H. SS To be an expert.

Dhwehirahje National University: - (Host Harry Fathis) News.

[Andhra Pradesh City Council Office for Women. -HA ] is


Harry: My dear Potter, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

- East...

The date of the words is given. - East

United Nations to be like us. ... GD - What should RW be? For the good of the public system! - - In addition to the function

--- East

Dhwehirahje National University: Resolution. - East

The United Nations.

Dhwehiraje: Pain, etc.

[He asked that too].


Name: Mustafa Louis

- East

The date of the words is given. Golden Rule

- (The United Nations

Hagrid: You're telling someone about Hogwarts. For witchcraft is forbidden.

Harry: [pauses] Right.

Hagrid: (looks at the bag) We forgot a lot. to Harry] At. What is

[Solid water Harry Bach went where the autumn Pekin Dorsley had gone, changed again to yellow butter, Lex Hagrid went to London.


The change is stopped

[I am going to London next week


(and other types).


[In Harry Hagrid's Open Bag].


Harry: [reading] The Apprentice. The contents of the cupboard are made of stone (see fig. Hagrid].

Haggard: Harry, you need your glasses.

Harry: Chainsaw (looks directly at Hagrid) Hagrid, what about Drake?

Hagrid: Well, it's about a penguin, isn't it? Yes, but he was not taking any medication

Harry: Are you in trouble?

Hagrid: His name is quick and clever. HARRY is the one. Suddenly the translators appeared. [Smiles at the woman. The woman read the letter again.

(regular audit).


A picture of Hagrid and Harry drinking outside


Harry: It would be great if all the students could share a bottle and take a dog or cat with them to London.

Hagrid: If you know where you're going

[It's also nice to play with the Hyundai mouse if you hit a "rock" in the road.]


Tom: Hello Hagrid! Am I tired too?

Hagrid: Thanks, Tom saw the merchant at Hogwarts. The boys were in the kitchen helping Harry get into his school uniform.

Thomas: 7; Drink yes, Harry Potter author

[The page is silent. Everyone listened to Harry in silence.


Man: Thank you, sir. Hello Potter speaker

[Waits patiently for Harry


Diana: Doris Crockford; We see that the series begins with the very fire of the Lord

[I hate men in suits. This horse is Professor Quirrell


Quirrell: “Harry Potter is good and C-Net can influence others.

Hagrid: Congratulations, Professor Harry can talk online and so can Professor Quirrell. A witch from Hogwarts

Harry: Let's get started [Camera: Quirrell is in bed, but Leo is dead and strong.

Quirrell: F - Kumale's free palm boots

Hagrid: Yes, I have many hats.

Harry: Please

[Go around the corner and face the brick wall


Hagrid: Hello Harry!

Harry - His Hagrid! Everything I did was driving me crazy and I knew I was drowning

Hagrid: I see Harry, look at your plan. the sky

[Harry finds his way to the store to escape the dog. The camera pans over Mount Strauss, where the group is battling the snow.


Credit and Copyright: All Group and Sibega Ground Rain, Nimbus 2000. This is a small [handheld multi-camera model].


The men of Gringotts

[Hagrid and Hagrid walk down Garland Street.]


Harry: Hagrid, but how can I do all this?

Haggard: No, it's your money. Harry [Voice] Gringotts Savings Bank is represented by a tall white building. No place is as safe as Hogwarts.

[An insect was found on the table in a hole in the plate.]

Harry: Hello Hagrid, how are you?

Hagrid: Goblin Harry is smart as hell. But I don't have animal friends [Harry looked at him. Hagrid cleared his throat.

[A plane appears].


Goblin: Sir Harry Potter, do you have the key?

Hagrid: Wait, where did you get it? Well, this little soul (sighs) Professor Dumbledore gave me something (takes a paper covered with stars). Hagrid handed over the prince's letter.

Doctor: Good

Then it disappeared into the darkness like a car. The car stops and Kripke falls.]


Crypt Book: Vault 687 Silence (open the door in the kitchen).

Hagrid gave him the key and opened the room. The room is full of coins from top to bottom. The old man sighed.]


Hagrid: I thought your parents would leave you at this point, didn't they?

(They continue down the tunnel.)


Source: 713 V

Harry: What's going on here?

Hagrid: Harry, I can't talk. As for Hogwarts, it's completely different.

Location: Stop (putting a finger in the door). He opened the shelter and a pile of white stones appeared. Hagrid walked into the kitchen. It was a big fire.

Hagrid: Don't tell the old man.

[back and legs]


Olives are the best

[At the end of Dragon Alley, Harry and Hagrid are walking down the street. Harry bought a few and looked at the list. ] East .


Harry: I need...a wand too.

Hagrid: Wand: Yes, you like Ollivanders. (points to closet) There's no better place. I understand, but wait. There are other things too. It won't last long.

[Harry slowly enters the store. You can see that there are wooden pegs in the box, but there are none. ] East .


Harry said this. (Please) Good attention. Thanks

[A page appears behind him and the man on the stairs looks at Harry. The boy was called Ollivander and he smiled. ] East .


Ollivander: Hello, sir. Mom and Dad Potter will probably come tomorrow to buy their first plank of wood. Oh, come see us. (She grabs Harry but he doesn't do anything) Come on. [Harry is confused. , but z This makes the boxes jump up and down. Harry stood up and quickly put his wand down on the table. ] Obviously not. (One of the boys picks up another stick.) Maybe. Glass, trembling.] No, no. No... (takes his wand from a drawer, but thinks about it.) I think so. [Olivenda gives Harry her wand. He knew Harry would fall in love with him. Olivander is surprised by the haircuts and other remarks.] Well, yes.

Harry: Excuse me, what do you want to know?

Olivander: (looking at Harry's wand) Sir. Potter, I remember all the wands I bought. Phoenix on the board gives you extra wings. Surprisingly, you like when your brother gives you a knife. Magic wand. (Harry's forehead scar glows)

Harry: Uh...who has that wand?

Olivander: I won't say his name. The wizard does not have his father's wand. They don't know why, but I think it's clear that we expect the best from you. Yes, but terrible [Harry twirls his wand].

[Harry hears a fan whirring].


Hagrid was a very handsome boy. said Harry! Thank you Harry! [The black cat Hedwig can dance in the field].

Harry: (surprised) Wow


The boy lives

[And in the blessing bowl Hagrid and Harry were sitting at the long table drinking soup. Hagrid knew they were all there. ] it is.


Hagrid: You? It is really beautiful

Harry: What did he do to my parents? I saw Hagrid.

Hagrid: (taking the mug) Harry asked the first important question. Not all people are good. Something is wrong. He expired a few years ago. his name at v. His name v.

Harry: Why don't you write?

Hagrid: No, I can't. This is Voldemort.

Harry: Voldemort?

Hagrid: YES!!

[Harry looks around me.]


Hagrid: Black sun, Harry, black sun. [Molent remembers the night Goodrich returned home, causing chaos in the crowd. ] Voldemort gathers his disciples and begins to lead them into darkness. The enemy is dead, the parents are at war. [Harry's mother, Lily, screams as Voldemort's wand touches her. I saw a young Voldemort looking for Harry Potter. ] Nothing else. “You are so beautiful.



Harry: What? Do you want to kill Voldemort?

Hagrid: Well, Harry is attacking something like a fool. This sign may be cursed, but it is not.

Harry: You know?

Hagrid: Someone said he was dead. CodeSwap thinks so. No, I said, he is very tired. But one thing is clear. Something burned that night. which is why it is so popular. Therefore everyone knows his name. You are a healthy child


the boy and Hermione

[The Hogwarts Express pulls out of the station. Vollmarie was alone in the room and Ronald Iso was outside. ] it is.


: Ten : Excuse me, did you disturb me? I was found

: Ari: Never.

: G: (after Harry) No. To the Vistula.

Author: Jean Harrimin. Harry Potter wrote.

[Xon arrives.


: Oni: Really? What is the problem?

: Ari: No?

:Ten: [then] Sulu...?

Ari: Yes (turns and points to the window).

: All: It's not free.

[Submit users and traffic].


Lel: Is there anything in the car?

: DA: [bites a sandwich] Chow, yes. [devil's mouth

:approach: There is more! change is prohibited].

Oni: Who?

[a moment later Harry and Ron are still eating. Scabber's scones Rats sit in oil wells with bugs on their heads. ] it is.


:arry: Bertie's suit?

:Omi: Awesome! The chocolate sauce is great, or the sauce is said to be great. George wants to play!

(Harry quickly stopped at her mouth).


:Ari: (head in the cash bag) Isn't that a chocolate frog?

: Ten: It is magic. Again, this means you want a card. Each park has a famous animal or python. 500-500 meters. [Harry unpacks and goes to the window with the 100 boxes. There is a blockage in the project.

:Ari: [Sees Dumbledore's picture on the paper] It's Adam Dumbledore!

: ten : about six

[Kerry looks at the map again, but there is no bed].


:Ari: Yes, no!

: Ten: Come on, do you have time? [Hey] are you doing wrong?

: Ari: a little.

:10: Marcus is sleeping. I want to know

: Ari: Yes!

:dha: (They are) Hmm. - House -.

[Mermion Granger] A black girl walks through the door. ] it is.


Tags: Do you see a frog? A certain man named Lewell fell.

: Oni: Just kidding.

:Hermione: Yes, you want magic, don't you? Let's meet again

: Dha: (Laughs again) Don't take the sun, it's dark!

[Goes to the basket, something. It was Ronald. ] it is.


Do you know what Hermione wrote? nor in Bulachi? Learn these simple skills. for example ... [Enter Emma, ​​followed by Harry. He pointed to the mirror and adjusted himself carefully. [Body in Rin and Reg. Udjari shook his head and moved back. He smiled and smiled. Are you Caesar Potter, Jane Amy Granger?

:Me: (laughs) ...and... Von Vislius. , the name

Overview: .en. Hopefully it will happen again this summer. (, R, turns to Ron. [TV [Shows Ron's face. Ron nods happily]].


Welcome to Hogwarts

[The train leaves Hogsmeade station and heads off into the night as Hagrid walks down the corridor with a flashlight and the strangers exit the train.]


Hagrid: No! Good luck this first year! Come, don't be afraid!

[Haggis and Ron get dressed and go to Hagrid.


Hagrid: Good morning, congratulations.

Harry: No, Hagrid.

Ron: Yes!

Hagrid: Yes, in the car! Follow me now

[The boats are turned back. In front of Hogwarts Castle is a castle that people love.


Ron: Very disappointing.

[Upon reaching the house, the freshman enters the hall and climbs the stairs, and as the camera pans, we see Professor McGonagall waiting on the stairs. These rocks lead us to the wall. ] So far .


McGonagall: Welcome to Hogwarts. He's meeting his friends across the street in a few hours, but you need to be ready before he arrives. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin, leave it alone for now. Your family home is your success. If you break it, you get points, you lose points. The most numerous house at the end of the year is the house.

Neville Longbottom's father was surprised to see his daughter sitting next to McGonagall. He stands up.]


Knife: Are you alive? [Take a wife; The other students laugh as McGonagall looks at her.] Yes [He was taken to an unknown location.

McGonagall: He started to leave [the house].

[Only Doc Malfoy in uniform speaks].


Draco: The truth about Harry Potter's train arriving at Hogwarts [Other students: "Harry Potter?" Draco points to his two friends, oh wait you said I was Malfoy... Malfoy is Draco (insults Ron's name) You think my name is funny? Shouldn't you put your hands on your red hair? Like the Potters and the Weasleys, you have to learn quickly that some magical families are better than others.

Harry: [looking at Draco's innocent face] Thank God I know what happened.

[Draco sees McGonagall carrying the book and returns it to Draco, taking Harry out one last time].


McGonagall: Now I can follow you on Twitter.

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