What is the best chapter in the entire Harry Potter?

written by Curtis Hobbs

Originally Answered: Which chapter of the Harry Potter series is the best? Excluding JK's course books (Fantastic Beasts... and Quidditch through...) and The Tales of Beedle... Chapter 23: Horcruxes from Half-Blood Prince has to be my favorite. This great chapter ultimately revealed Voldemort's plot and the long path to his demise. All of Dumbledore's absences from school, as well as Voldemort's cryptic words regarding his survival, were (supposedly) disclosed. But, more crucially, Dumbledore emphasized a crucial point: the Prophecy was only significant because Voldemort made it so. Our fate is our own, and only if we let prophesies influence our actions will our fates follow them. If we only study the personalities and circumstances, the events that resulted from both of Trelawney's prophesies may be reasonably explained without them. Finally slope game, here are the chapter's final few paragraphs. It really drives home the point that our choices, not our abilities, reveal who we truly are.

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