The First Year of Elizabeth Parkinson-Yaxley (In Progress)

Granddaughter of a famous death eater and daughter of Draco Malfoy's Hogwarts girlfriend, Elizabeth Parkinson-Yaxley must prove to all of her classmates that Slytherins can be kind, smart, and brave. -Second Chapter Complete-

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The Sorting Ceremony

Chapter 1

"Elizabeth Parkinson-Yaxley!" Headmistress Oshiro called. I did my best to ignore the snickers about my last name I could hear all aorund me. 

I stepped up and sat on the stool, waiting for the hat to be placed on my head. My cheeks reddened. I aleady knew what was coming. For generations, both sides of my family had been sorted into Slytherin, the house that had been stereotyped as evil. 

"I'm surprised they even let her in, considering who her grandfather is," I heard one kid who had just been sorted into Gryffindor whisper. 

Please, just don't put me in Slytherin. I'd rather be Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, even Hufflepuff! Just not Slytherin. I thought. The sorting hat ignored me.

"You have great ambition. Clever, but cunning," it said to me.

"SLYTHERIN!" the hat screamed to the whole room. I heard scattered applause from the green table as the blood rushed to my head. I had to sit down. I found a spot at my table where I could be hidden and watched as my tie turned green. No one saw the tear roll down my cheek. 

At least, I thought no one did. 

I felt a nudge on my shoulder, "Hey, Slytherin can't be too bad. I mean, I wouldn't know. My parents aren't wizards. You're Elizabeth aren't you?" a first year boy in a green tie asked me.

"Yeah," I said, neglecting to leave out that my friends call me Liza (pronounced like the last two syllables of Eliza). 

"I'm Jameson Hart." If Jameson was a Muggle-born, that meant he didn't know about my family!

Then, small pieces of paper materialized before us. I looked up to motice a teacher with red curly hair holding her want. Professor Mitchel, the transfiguration teacher. Jameson looked at the paper in shock. It was our class schedules.

In swirly letters, it detailed which classes the Slytherin first years would be attending. 

We began to eat the feast, and I was feeling a bit better. I could still hear people talking about me at the Ravenclaw table right next to us, but it was better knowing I was sitting next to someone who didn't know my grandfather had served under Lord Voldemort. 

After a short while, Jameson spoke up again, "You seem pretty cool, Elizabeth."

"Call me Liza," I smiled. I had made my first Hogwarts friend. 


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