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An biography of Narcissa Slytherin. Her lies, her pain and friendships are all in here. Book is in progress - but feel free to read. *

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Born to Serve

Chapter 1

Narcissa Adalinda Rowle-Slytherin was born on the 12th September on a cold dark night. She was born in the Lestrange Manor, around the same time that a second child from the Lestranges was born but she was the most silent child. Her eyes gleamed with red the moment she was born and nearly made her mother faint of that. It was perhaps lucky that she had eyes of a pale, eerie blue that were most observant, even in her youth.

Narcissa adored her name, and showed off sometimes, being the only daughter of Tom Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange. However, her mother and father were always out on missions so it was sometimes almost impossible to see them. She grew up pretty isolated - with only dark arts and the manor for company. Because of that, she learned how to control her power and began usuing it on wild creatures in forest, much to her young satiffaction and curiosity.

It was depressing, perhaps, that Narcissa had to travel like a pracel amongst Death Eaters. She first grew up with Sir Corban Yaxley and his family. Sir Corban was a strong man and protected her well - until he could not anymore, due to his missions and limited time. Bellatrix grew mad and sent Narcissa to another family - the Dolohavs.

They were cruel. Arana, Dolohav's wife, was a merciless woman and Narcissa got beated, hit and left alone for starvation. Until Lord Voldemort came. He showed Dolohav and his wife that Narcissa could not be treated like that, and they got off pretty badly, as far as anyone could tell. Now there was a problem. Who should they send Narcissa to?

The answer was simple, if not obvious; the Malfoys.




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