The Diary of a Background Character

written by Chofeii

"I'm not the main character. I'm fully aware of this. But that doesn't mean I don't have a life worth reading about, so I wrote this to prove the world wrong."

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11-27-22, Arrival

Chapter 1

"This self-writing quill is a wonderful invention, really. Can you start writing now, please? Thank you. I'm writing this first diary entry as the sun is setting, as I have just finished my school registration and can scarcely even think. It's exhausting, being a late arrival, but I'm confident in my ability to catch up! I just need to pull a week of all-nighters and attend the first-year study group for some time, and I'll be all ready to learn with my peers. But I suppose another reason I can barely think is because I'll be learning magic starting tomorrow. Real magic, not bunnies out of hats and faux finger removals, but  Charms and Potions with capital letters! I should write a letter to my mother about this, but when I asked a passerby in the hall about where the mailbox is, they laughed and called me a filthy Muggle! I don't know what that is, but I assume it was an insult. I hope they aren't all like that, but if they are I'll simply brush them off and continue my studies the best I can! After all, I'm the main character of my life! Please stop now. Really, stop. Is there a command or something? Should I just stop talking?"

With love,


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