The Little Lost Reindeer

written by Antha Esperance

This is a book I wrote for Santa Claus when I was much younger. I just thought I might share it because its Christmas time!

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Chapter 1

One dark and rainy night in the north pole a reindeer was born. Her name was: Rain; because she was born during a rainstorm. The next morning when all the other reindeer came to see Rain they made terrible remarks like “She is so small!” and “Her body is as small as a cat!” Her mother defended her by saying, “She may be small but she is strong!” Only one reindeer could stand up to a mom: Fred. He said, “Frost, that baby is so small, that there’s no point in defending her. Look at your husband, Hail. He is sensible; he is not saying untrue things about Rain.Try to be more like Hail, Frost.” Fred walked away. Nobody knew but Rain had heard it all. As soon as Fred walked away she cried. She heard it all and was so depressed she knew that once she was old enough and had learned everything, she would run away. In a few months Rain was big enough that she could enter reindeer training. She didn’t want to but her parents signed her up. Soon it came to the first day of reindeer training and Rain was nervous. Rain’s parents walked her to the edge of the field, kissed her and left. Rain headed to the reindeer with the whistle and asked him, “ Who are you?” “I’m Gruff the reindeer trainer. I suppose you are Rain?” He replied. “ Yes,” said Rain “I’m Rain.” “Well Rain,” Trainer Gruff said “I better introduce you to the rest of the kids. They already know each other and you kind of joined in the middle of a session.”  When he saw the startled look on Rain’s face he added, “It’s fine with me. So welcome!” Trainer Gruff walked Rain over to “The kids”. Rain was surprised to see Fred. She knew reindeer training was a perfect way to escape but she thought she would learn how to fly first. Rain heard Trainer Gruff call out a name, “Klide come over here!” Rain saw a young male run over. He was probably the same age but Rain had to grow to a certain size to join reindeer training and that was way after the session started because she was born so small. When Klide got over and stopped in front of Trainer Gruff he said, “Yes Trainer Gruff?” “Klide this is Rain, Rain this is Klide. Klide?” Trainer Gruff said. “Yes Trainer Gruff?” Klide said again. “I need you to help Rain learn the rules and show her around. Also try to protect her and never leave her side.” Trainer Gruff said. “Yes Trainer Gruff.” Klide said yet again. “Come on Rain” Klide said, “I’ll show you the rules.” Rain was beginning to think that reindeer training wouldn’t be so bad with a friend to help her through. 


As Klide walked Rain over to the field Fred stopped them in their paths, “Hey, Small Pint. Are you finally big enough to join reindeer training or are you breaking the north pole reindeer rules?” Rain wanted to cry, she wanted to yell in Freds ear that her name was Rain and she was not breaking reindeer rules and she was not a Small Pint. Klide could see Rain's feelings toward Fred and whispered in her ear, “Just ignore him. He bullies everyone here and I think you're beautiful. ” Rain felt comforted by Klide’s kind words.

Rain heard Trainer Gruff’s voice, he said, “RIT’s!”  there was a chorus of, “Yes Trainer Gruff!” and the shuffling of hooves as the reindeers moved to face Trainer Gruff. “RIT stands for reindeers in training.” Klide whispered as he saw the confused face of Rain.Trainer Gruff continued, “Today we will learn to fly. First put one hoof in the air.” Everyone did, including Rain and Klide. “Then put another in the air while you think, ‘I can fly, I can fly’ and you will hover in the air.” There were at least 30 hovering reindeer on the field including Rain and Klide. “Good,” said Trainer Gruff, “Now like you're climbing stairs, raise your hooves up and you will be flying.” Rain was flying so high and fast she crashed. Rain was confused, where was the field? Rain was lost. Rain was lucky, the weather was nice and she could see a cave. She sniffed its entrance a few times to check it was safe before going in. Rain fell asleep.

When Rain woke up it took her a few minutes to figure out where she was, the cave she found. “I should get going to try and find my home. Even though Fred was mean, I liked Klide and reindeer training and Trainer Gruff. And I loved my family.” She thought. She stepped out of the cave and thanked god that the weather was nice. Rain tramped through the snow until the day was done and she found another cave, she went in and fell asleep without noticing the other sleeping reindeer at the back of the cave.


When Rain woke up she noticed the other reindeer and gasped, she knew that reindeer. It was Klide! Klide heard a gasp and woke up startled and said, “Who’s there?” “It’s me,  Rain,” Rain said. “Rain?” Klide jumped up. “Let's go home! I’ll follow you!” “Er…”Rain said. “I’m lost.” “Or,” Klide said, “You could follow me?” Rain answered, “Yes please Klide.” Rain followed Klide through the deep snow for the entire day. They found a tree and rested under it. The next day they were moving again until dark then Klide said, “Almost there. Why don’t we walk a little more so we can reach home?” Rain felt drowsy but the thought of home made her say, “OK, Klide.” They walked on until they saw light. “Home!” Rain breathed. They walked to Rain’s family’s den and both of them walked in layed down and fell asleep.

The next morning Rain’s Dad, Hail, found Rain and Klide in his family den. “Sweetie?” He said, “Is it really you?” Rain woke up, “Yes Father, it's really me.” Klide woke up too and yawned, “We made it.” Klide embraced his family and Rain did too, Rain found her Mom with another itty bitty baby and they all lived happily ever after.

             THE END

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